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Six Senses Svart: a futuristic and 100% eco-friendly hotel

Six Senses Svart: a futuristic and 100% eco-friendly hotel

With its revolutionary technology, Six Senses Svart will be the first positive energy hotel. Located in Norway at the edge of the Arctic Circle, the hotel is situated in an exceptional location. The northern lights dance a celestial ballet, the flora and fauna are extraordinary, and the panorama is a fascinating spectacle of nature. Under the direction of the ambitious Ivaylo Lefterov, it will be the end of 2024 before Six Senses Svart opens its doors.

Six senses Svart

Six Senses Svart: Ivaylo Lefterov, a committed visionary

With over 22 years of experience in the development and management of luxury hotels. Ivaylo Lefterov has the hotel business in his blood. From site allocation and acquisition to hotel design and construction. Ivaylo has been close to nature since childhood and has even become an enthusiastic advocate of it. “I love to travel, meet people from different cultural backgrounds and encourage people to get off the beaten track to discover the real nature.

Rich in experience, he has developed many renowned hotels and large-scale resort projects. Ivaylo has travelled the world, building a name for himself in the hotel business. This is the case in South Africa, in Cape Town at the Umhlaba Wildlife Resort or at the Mirage. In the United States, at the Cibola Vista Resort or even at the Villas Del Mar Palmar in Mexico.

With a critical eye for detail, he brings a rich knowledge base to the development of luxury hotels.

His remarkable track record has earned him multiple awards such as Best Future Project at MIPIM Cannes 2021, Best Hotel Architecture for The Cliff Obzor Bay 2007 and Best Redevelopment for Cibola Vista Arizona.

All of this has allowed him to be in charge of one of the most revolutionary projects in the hotel industry: the Six Senses Svart

six sens svart

A self-sufficient hotel with positive energy

The Six Sense SVART will be surrounded by the incredible Helgeland coastline. Just above the Arctic Circle. The Arctic Circle, where the summer days are endless and the winter is illuminated by the breathtaking Northern Lights.

The Hotel combines futuristic design and technological innovations with natural and organic materials that use as little energy as possible. Svart’s vision is to create the first energy-positive hotel complex. Their goal is to make travellers care about nature conservation and the importance of the polar region in global environmental issues.

The roof of the building will be covered with Norwegian-made solar panels, making it the world’s first energy-positive hotel. It will save 85% energy compared to other hotels. Svart and its services will be self-sufficient in electricity, off-grid and carbon neutral. The hotel will also be self-sufficient in waste and water management. The team will work with existing sustainable farming and fishing operations.

Six senses svart

An ambition worthy of its exceptional location

The name Svart, which means black and blue in Old Norse, is a direct tribute to the dark blue ice of the Svartisen glacier. This hotel wants to change the rules of the game. It wants to redefine the notion of travel, offering an “immersive” and “disconnected” discovery. The hotel wants to be a utopian and visionary destination by putting 5 fundamental pillars at the centre of the project:

– Environment

– Sustainability

– Technological innovation

– Well-being

– Mindfulness

While the hotel aims to be as environmentally friendly as possible, it also aims to meet all the requirements of a top-class hotel. Each of the 94 rooms is equipped with the latest technology, called Svart Touch. This allows the guest to adjust the atmosphere, temperature and lighting to suit his or her needs.

Under Development Director Ivaylo Lefterov, the goal of Six Senses Svart is to create a unique experience. The resort redefines luxury through technological innovation. The Svart will become the first self-sufficient positive energy hotel. All this while guaranteeing an exceptional, once-in-a-lifetime journey, starting in 2024.

Six sens Svart

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