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Cyrielle Clair has been mindful of the environment in her consumption for years. While discussing with Agathe Godard, she opened up about this subject.

What are your green resolutions for 2021?

Appreciate the qualities of this Earth which welcomes, heals, teaches and brings us together more and more every day.

What sustainable actions do you do daily?

For fifteen years, I have been exclusively using organic cosmetics, exempt from nano-particles and preservatives which are hormone disruptors.

Have you reduced your meat consumption?

I have been eating organic products for more than 30 years now. My diet is, minus some exceptions, mainly vegetarian.

Does a « green personality » inspire you?

Maud Fontenoy and Greta Thunberg are remarkable women because of their actions and their commitment, such as other less known women.

However, my absolute hero remains Bertrand Picard and his Icarus dream… He reached his goal after 17 years of research, thanks to his courage and his hard-work. He took on the challenge of flying in a solar plane he designed himself and built with the help of his team. With his unbreakable involvement and passion, he paved the way for sustainable and clean technologies.

Interview by Agathe Godard

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