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Geneva Marriott Hotel, a committed hotel

Geneva Marriott Hotel, a committed hotel

Environmental protection has become a priority for everyone, as the Geneva Marriott Hotel in Switzerland shows. This latest Geneva hotel of the group demonstrates in different ways their commitment to the planet. Not only is it a pleasant and innovative place, but it is the greenest of the group! Opened this summer, it stands out for its ecological aspect, guided by a team concerned about our environment and human well-being.

Geneva Marriott Hotel, a hotel at the service of the environment

Under the leadership of Pierre-Henri Perrin, the Geneva Marriott Hotel has set itself apart by implementing the latest ecological provisions in environmental protection.

With over 24 years of experience in the hotel industry, Pierre-Henri Perrin has made environmental protection a priority. Pierre-Henri’s experiences have put the customer at the centre of his strategy, supported by the ecological steps while animating the pleasant. From the beginning, Pierre-Henri knew how to improve the hotel while giving the guests the opportunity to make an ecological transition by staying at the Geneva Mariott Hotel.

Between solar panels and electric bikes, the Geneva Marriott Hotel has everything to please

As a second step in the transition to green energy (yes, we haven’t even talked about the first step yet. We’re on our way!), the Geneva Marriott Hotel is getting ready to host several solar panels over the next year.

These will be installed on the roof of the hotel to preserve the beautiful architecture of the hotel, but also to capture as much sunlight and energy as possible.

Now let’s talk about the first step in the transition to “clean” energy. Indeed, the hotel has installed, for months, an electric shuttle.

Not only that, but the hotel has also installed 14 recharging stations to attract and encourage guests to use electric vehicles. And the icing on the cake, the hotel plans to acquire electric bikes. There’s nothing better for a ride through the heart of Geneva.

In addition to all the above, the hotel offers each of its guests a public transport card that gives access to all the city’s buses and trams.

Geneva Marriott Hotel, the end of disposable plastics

Yes, it’s coming soon. The end of plastics is very close at the Geneva Marriott Hotel. In fact, door keys have been replaced by wooden keys and there are no longer any plastic water bottles in the rooms. But what have the bottles been replaced with? Stainless steel bottles! This also reduces water consumption, a UN priority.

The “reusable” and personal bottles can be filled directly at the water fountains available in the hotel’s corridors.

An “eco” bar in the heart of a Marriott: It’s happening in Geneva!

Whether we agree or not, green bars often have the best cocktails.

But what about the reason? Well, they only use fresh and organic products. And this is the case with this hotel!

The hotel bar even uses ingredients grown in their own rooftop garden. These are used to make homemade syrups and fresh herb macerations.

All this, plus the restaurant’s water glasses are made from recycled wine bottles. Speaking of wine, the hotel only offers a selection of local wines. This gives you a better chance to discover the good wines of the region.

What about the “good food”?

A tasty and healthy cuisine, the Menu, which is 80% vegan, of the restaurant called Moments, of the hotel is marked by seasonal variations, according to the daily products, with an emphasis on vegetables. This multi-flavoured cuisine is led by Executive Chef Fabrizio Domicili.

“Our aim is to work as much as possible with local producers,” the hotel said. Moreover, the hotel has recently started the race towards the Geneve Region Terre Avenir (GRTA) label.

Chem. du Ruisseau 1, 1217 Geneva, Switzerland

+41 22 827 81 00

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