Less Saves The Planet

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The book

Less Saves The Planet is a book that proposes to save the planet from going through the hotel and catering industry.
These places of life style where we live fun experiences can also allow us to change lifestyle and consumption mode. How? By empowering “culinary artists” to become actors in environmental change.


In the face of rising levels of greenhouse gases, plummeting biodiversity and global warming, can we still stop the inevitable?

Yes we can, even at the individual level, if we commit to changing our consumption patterns and behaviour.

Hotels and restaurants too can play a crucial role by leading by example and educating and informing their customers, guests and suppliers about this common goal which is easily achievable and which will have an obvious impact.

Is this still possible?

A resounding yes.  The solution is within our reach.

The authors

The book Less Saves The Planet – Now let’s learn how to eat well saving the environment is the result of two enthusiasts of the hotel and catering industry who have long been placing the preservation of the environment at the heart of their professional commitments.

With this book, they want to show that a change in consumption and behavior in the sense of greater respect for the planet is possible for hoteliers, restaurant owners and their suppliers and customers.

Fadi Joseph Abou,
a third-generation restaurant owner and distributor of organic produce, has been active from a very young age in advocating for healthy and delicious nutrition, a well-preserved environment and a planet on which people and animals can live happily.

Flavio Bucciarelli,
an innovator and leader in the hotel industry with over 20 years of experience in management, sales and marketing, has always been passionate about sustainable development. He has worked for one of the world’s largest hotel groups where he was responsible for a programme of energy savings and reduced water consumption for all of the group’s hotels in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

The Chef’s touch: Pomegranate

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Pistachios: Chef Orieux’s touch

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Samphire and pistachio pistou by Gael Orieux

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Gardening with straws

Straws are great for developing biological life, suppressing weeds, conserving soil moisture. They are many organic or mineral materials, but they do not all the same potential. Let us take a closer look to straws because they are easy to find and affordable. Straws...

Dolphin Assisted Therapy

Throughout time, the human-animal bond has evolved. At first, animals were used for work then they became pets and now they help in therapy. Since the 1970s, new therapeutic practices, involving the interaction between humans and dolphins, have developed. Dolphin...

Mandarin skin to the rescue!

Juicy and full of vitamins, mandarin is the most favorite winter fruit. Most people love its sweet and tasty flesh, but only a few knows that mandarin skin is very beneficial. The Canadian company – Tait Labs – takes advantage of the medicinal virtues of mandarin skin...

Benefits of reconnecting with Nature

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Soft-boiled egg and spinach coulis by Eric Bouchenoire

It is with great pleasure that we meet again with our dearest friend – Eric Bouchenoire – in the kitchen of Boutique Dassaï - Joël Robuchon. You have now the opportunity to start loving spinach because chef Eric Bouchenoire has found the recipe that will bring back...

How to choose spinach with Eric Bouchenoire

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Thierry Coutable, a 25-year in the making

Thierry Coutable is a chef for more than 25 years. He has worked in the most prestigious hotels of the country. Since 2017, Thierry Coutable has been the chef at the hotel Aston La Scala. He manages its 2 restaurants: L’Horloge and Le Moon Bar Rooftop that lets you...

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