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Less Saves The Planet aims to help restaurateurs, hoteliers to design and manage their establishment so that they contribute, on their scale, to save the planet!

The label allows a systematic and complete presentation of all the recommendations in terms of sustainable development and also enhances those who are committed to these good practices and do everything possible to implement them.

These tools will enable us to detail the essential points on which restaurant owners and hoteliers must work so that their restaurants can be considered as truly eco-friendly establishments.

Give the example, make your restaurant a showcase of your commitments by guaranteeing sustainable practices of excellence while developing your activity and especially, saving the planet !

The benefits of this commitment for your restaurant :

• Reduce environmental impacts related to your activity
• Participate in the collective effort to fight against climate change
• Preserve the planet’s resources by protecting its ecosystem
• Reduce operational costs by reducing your consumption of water, energy, waste …
• Improving the brand image of your institution to the general public as an active player in face of global warming
• Build customer loyalty as a guarantor of a healthy lifestyle and a lasting commitment
• Developing its clientele by standing out from the competition
• Relearn how to eat, enjoy food while reducing stress, being more relaxed with Low and Slow practice*
• Open to innovation and opportunities for the future
• Increase creativity in cooking by changing the habits of chefs
• Prepare for future legislation by investing in the future
• Motivate and reassemble teams around a unifying project
• Attract the actors of the catering of tomorrow
• Become an ambassador of the movement by conveying and training the values ​​of sustainable development
• An international certification giving extra visibility to your institution

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