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Well-known French radio and television host, Bernard Montiel is very respectful of the environment. As a friend of our movement, he confided about the ways in which he saves the planet daily.

What are your green resolutions for 2021?

I have plenty! We should, before anything else, realize how urgently we need to change our behaviors. As far as I’m concerned, I don’t use plastic bottles anymore : I have a flask to hydrate through the day.

The most surprising green innovation?

The fight against deforestation is urgent. I have heard of COCOPALLET, an alternative to wood pallets in the construction sector, made from recycled coconut shells. They are not only natural, but also cheaper than wood! This solution would enable to save 200 million of trees each year.

Did you reduce your meat consumption? What is your favorite vegan meal?

I went from eating meat three to four times a week to only once. Regarding vegan meals, I love chickpea and curcuma croquettes!

Interview by Agathe Godard

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