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Finger Yoga, to soothe and relieve tension

Finger Yoga, to soothe and relieve tension

Are you constantly anxious? Do you suffer from nervousness? Finger Yoga, also known as Mudras, is an excellent stress reliever for you. Simple gestures that chase away bad tension. These small movements, which will calm you down, can be done anywhere and at any time. So, discover now the practice of finger yoga and its benefits in a few lines:

How do you practice finger yoga?

While it is best to do them in a quiet place after a yoga or meditation session to get the maximum benefit, they can also be done in our daily lives: at work, at school, on the bus or even before bed. Mudras can also be performed during our daily lives: at work, at school, on the bus or even before bed. You can do finger yoga while standing, lying down or sitting. They can also be done while walking!

These exercises can be done in a few minutes and at any time of the day. But what is the key to benefit from this practice and have convincing results? Rigour on your exercises, concentration on your energies and a good practice.
The technique is carried out in two stages: the first stage is a preparation in movement which allows to gather the various energies, and a second stage which corresponds to the gesture itself, this last one being immobile. Thus, the simplicity of the gesture allows everyone to practice it easily.

3 mudras to try without difficulty:

Ksepana mudra :

Bring the index fingers flat against each other and interlace the other fingers. Cross the thumbs, placing the pad of each thumb on the back of the hands. Press down on the index fingers, and make sure there is a small hollow space between the palms. Hold this position for 10 minutes, while concentrating on your breathing.

Apan Mudra:

To perform this mudra, bend your middle finger, also bend your ring finger and thumb so that your fingertips touch. Leave your index and little fingers straight. This mudra can be done very simply and in any position.

Anjali Mudra:

This is one of the most famous mudras, and is very simple to do. It is done with both hands: the hands are joined together in front of the heart and the palms are pressed together lightly. This gesture is a sign of gratitude and thanks. Now we will see what benefits finger yoga offers us

Benefits of finger yog

Finger yoga can have many benefits, both physical and mental. Here is a list of the benefits that can be derived from a simple mudra exercise:

– Headaches
– Stress
– Allegies
– Muscle cramps
– Digestive disorders
– Memory and concentration problems
– Colds

In conclusion, the practice of finger yoga is beneficial in all respects. These are exercises that are easy to do at any time and in any place. These practices are effective and fruitful, provided that you are regular and constant in the exercises.

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