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The Intercontinental hotel in Lyon, a new management style: demanding and benevolent

The Intercontinental hotel in Lyon, a new management style: demanding and benevolent

A new style if management:  The hotel industry is a passionate profession. They are professions where service is the main ingredient and a happy and motivated team can bring joy and happiness to its customers.  On the occasion of their “People First” recruitment day, the Intercontinental Hotel in Lyon with their Executive Chef Mathieu Charrois gave us a beautiful, innovative, human and differentiating lesson in management in collaboration with Marie Renard. 

On Sunday 11 September, the Lyon-based hotel organised an open day unlike any other. The aim is simple, to transmit the love of the hotel and restaurant business to the new generation. Here there is no formal interview, it is a question of discussing with a candidate, to establish a bond of trust and to make this selection system more human. 


A management that listens to the needs of its employees

Marie Renard, who organised the day in partnership with the hotel, insists on the Intercontinental’s mission: to find a genuine and lasting match between the candidate and the establishment. Today, the sustainability of the sector relies on a relationship of understanding and listening between the employee and the management. 

An extraordinary event and an immersive experience in hotel life for the candidates present: a part of the hotel privatised, the Chef de cuisine Mathieu Charrois and the Chef pâtissier present, tasting of small bites prepared by the Chefs and entertainment at the bar! Between going through the human resources system on the internet and conversing directly with the establishment, there is no longer any hesitation. 

Chef Mathieu Charrois shares Marie Renard’s vision. While preparing a few dishes for his future assistants, the Chef shows us the importance of listening to his employees’ expectations. Mathieu takes the time to discover the motivations behind each candidate. 

According to Chef Charrois, the first thing to do is to be open and attentive to the needs of newcomers. Each member of a brigade is different. The work in the kitchen is like a clock, and the chef is the watchmaker. Each piece is unique and needs special attention. For example, a young assistant does not have the same needs as a sous-chef. It is therefore necessary to set an example while taking into account the state of mind of the team and the respective levels of each person. If all the cogs in the wheel are working perfectly, then this will be felt on the customer’s plate. 

A happy and motivated team makes all the dishes even better and makes this moment of sharing between friends and family even more beautiful. Hence the importance of choosing your team well and getting to know your employees. 


Candidates are seduced by this new mode of recruitment and management

Throughout the day, this enthusiasm for all aspects of the hotel and restaurant trade spread through the candidates. 

Anton, a young British chef who attended the recruitment festival, was completely won over by this innovative way of hiring. Accustomed to very strict interviews where every misstep is penalised, Anton appreciates this more relaxed style which allows him to open up completely and showcase his talents.

It’s true that most of us have experienced this classic interview situation, which is synonymous with intense stress. We would almost forget our own name! So imagine the benefit of a little fruit juice or a small snack prepared by the Executive Chef on your nerves. Indeed, the candidates relax, at this moment they are the customers. The Human Resources Manager pours a few glasses of juice and chats with some of the applicants in a friendly atmosphere. 

And Anton was definitely not the only one who liked this new style of working. Of the 20 positions available at the Intercontinental Hotel in Lyon that day, all were filled by the end of the afternoon! This is enough to make other establishments want to follow the example of the Intercontinental hotel’s management style. 

Hôtel Intercontinental de Lyon

20 quai Jules Courmont, 69002, Lyon

04 26 99 23 23

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