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Be zen and yoga to use less water!

Be zen and yoga to use less water!

Let’s talk about zen and yoga: Om… Take a deep breath. Exhale. Get rid of the stress of everyday life while keeping your body and the planet healthy. Practicing sports is essential for our health but depending on the sport, our drinking water consumption can increase rapidly! But don’t worry, you don’t have to stop all your physical activities. Zen and Yoga, pilate and other gentle forms of exercise can keep your body and mind fit while reducing your water consumption. So here are all the good reasons to start this sport so good for the environment and the preservation of our blue gold: drinking water!

zen and yoga

Zen and Yoga, good for your body while helping you to consume less water

  • The immune system

According to a Californian study, practising yoga for 8 weeks reduces the risk of inflammation of our immune system. In fact, disorders such as digestive, respiratory and cardiovascular problems are directly linked to our mental state. Yoga is very effective against high stress levels. Yoga calms and soothes. Certain postures such as pinch and pigeon are effective in promoting a healthy immune system.
Other postures such as the candle and half bridge are also effective against water retention, heavy legs and promote good blood circulation.

  • Mobility and flexibility

Nowadays, most French people work in offices. This results in increased muscular tension. We spend more than 7 hours a day sitting, between the computer, lunch breaks and transport, no wonder our bodies take a beating! Our backs become bent, our shoulders fall forward, our necks are no longer aligned with the spine and our legs are bent. So with a yoga class the majority of the exercises focus on lengthening your body. In a gentle way you will learn to open your chest, reposition your shoulders back and stretch correctly. And you’ll find that even at the office you’ll want to stand up straight and be relaxed!

  • Build up your body

We exercise to keep our bodies healthy. Contrary to some preconceived ideas, yoga only serves to relax us. Some yoga, such as Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Hatha, builds deep muscle. You may even find yourself with aches and pains the day after your session. So consider stretching with gentle yoga poses. You’ll get an endorphin rush and a toned body.

  • Reduce and prevent body aches

A recent European study showed that 32% of French people have chronic pain. The main cause is our sedentary lifestyle. By practicing yoga you will alleviate these pains and if you start early in life you will prevent these pains. Yoga contains a lot of breathing exercises

zen and yoga

Zen and yoga good for the head

  • Reduces stress and anxiety

How can Zen and yoga help to combat stress? Yoga is an intense physical activity that alternates moments of accelerated heart rate and moments of rest. This alternation helps relieve stress by lowering blood pressure and heart rate.

  • Boost your cognitive functions

A study from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign found that 20 minutes of yoga is enough to stimulate brain function. Is yoga more effective for cognitive performance than traditional exercise? That’s what these results, published in the Journal of Physical Activity and Health, suggest.

  • Treat or prevent depression

Yoga is invaluable for people suffering from depression. It activates neurotransmitter function, helping you to regain your body’s senses, regain control of your health and reconnect with feelings of joy.

  • Improving your sleep

It helps you enter the restorative state of conscious sleep. Sleep yoga is a very powerful relaxation technique and works as well as a night’s rest, except that you never sleep (although it is possible to fall asleep because the relaxation is total).

  • Regaining self-confidence

The practice of yoga helps practitioners to find a balance in their lives. A balance of mind and body. This balance in life is the key to serenity and therefore to confidence. Yoga can help to reduce stress as mentioned in the previous point, another enemy of self-confidence.

As you can see, yoga offers a wide range of physical benefits, including muscle relaxation (yoga poses vary to stretch all major muscle groups). Some poses are gentle and help build muscle, while others focus on balance or well-being.

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