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The secret of a fulfilled team according to Chef Vincent Maillard

The secret of a fulfilled team according to Chef Vincent Maillard

The definition of cooking for Chef Vincent Maillard can be summed up in one sentence: it’s a way to please yourself while pleasing others. A true vocation since the age of 14, the Chef has climbed all the ranks and grades in the kitchen. Chef de cuisine and head of catering at the Lily of the Valley Hotel since 2019, he now shares his secrets for uniting his teams.

Chef Vincent Maillard

A look back at the sensational journey of Chef Vincent Maillard

With a father-in-law who was a chef, Vincent Maillard has been immersed in the world of gastronomy since his teenage years. Curious about this lively world, he began by washing dishes. Then, the coffee, the aperitifs, a little cooking and service in the dining room. In love with all aspects of the restaurant business and the atmosphere of the profession, the Chef officially began his professionalization at the hotel school of Le Touquet in 1989. 

First, he worked as a commis de cuisine for the hostellerie de Levernois, the cercle national des armées and the restaurant La Belle Otéro, then he became Chef de partie in 1995 for the hotel La Pyramide. He stayed there for a year before becoming 1st commis at the very prestigious Louis XV, where he continued to evolve under the benevolent supervision of Alain Ducasse and Franck Cerutti. In 1999, Vincent Maillard became Chef de cuisine for the Bastide de Moustiers. 

Always in search of reinvention, the Chef takes the reins of the hostellerie de Levernois and then of the Byblos hotel in Saint Tropez. In 2019, he settled down as Chef and head of catering for Lily of the Valley. Since then, he continues to make us dream with his talent and his ability to bring his teams together. 

Chef Vincent Maillard

Chef Vincent Maillard’s secrets for a successful team

Chef Vincent loves cooking because it brings people together. It brings together people from completely different backgrounds: young people, old people, men and women, all working together, united for the duration of a service to bring pleasure and happiness. The Chef transcribes this value through his management style and the results are guaranteed!

Valuing the work of your team

Cooking is a passionate profession and each member of Chef Maillard’s brigade shares this passion. It is therefore important to highlight this passion for the profession. This can be done through a word of encouragement, a bonus or a promotion, but it must be said and shown! 

Have a fair and pleasant speech

Valuing the work of your team must always be sincere. You must not become complacent. It is a matter of accompanying your brigade without putting them on the spot. The profession of chef requires a lot of rigor and concentration, as Chef de cuisine Vincent Maillard wishes to instill these qualities in the rest of his team.

To arouse curiosity

A chef draws his inspiration from the rich and complex history of gastronomy. To foster this awareness, Chef Vincent frequently interviews his employees. Each week, a member of the brigade has the opportunity to present a vegetable, a sauce, a cocktail… The list is not exhaustive. Just like the kitchen! These 10-minute presentations are beneficial for all, they allow Chef Maillard’s brigade to evolve and the Chef to evolve with them. 

Creation of cocktails

After a long shift, sharing a moment of relaxation with his team is important according to the manager. Once a week, Vincent Maillard’s team has fifteen minutes to invent new cocktails. This tradition, the Chef holds it from his time at the Bastide de Moustiers, where every Sunday, with the Chef Benoît Witz, the Sunday aperitif was a real custom. It is essential to have fun during and outside the service. 

Proust’s questionnaire

Perhaps you’ve heard of this questionnaire? The aim is simple: to get you to think about your personal tastes and aspirations. The restaurant industry is made up of a large number of professions, so it is difficult to know everyone in the establishment. To remedy this problem, Chef Maillard regularly sends out a Proust questionnaire on the theme of cooking and restoration. The answers are posted in the corridors. 

An atmosphere of work balanced between rigor and relaxation. This is what makes us want to join Chef Vincent Maillard’s team!

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