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The Alain Ducasse cooking School : an educational and environmental cuisine !

The Alain Ducasse cooking School : an educational and environmental cuisine !

The Ducasse cooking School: Alain Ducasse, a leading figure in French gastronomy, founded his culinary school in 1999. The Chef’s philosophy is simple: to share a healthy cuisine open to the world. Through the Ecole Ducasse, the Chef’s passion for a well thought-out and natural diet following the seasons is transmitted to all his students! An international, educational and environmentally friendly school.

Ducasse cooking school

Before Ducasse Cooking school : A look back at Alain Ducasse’s career

One could almost say that Alain Ducasse was predestined to become a chef. Born into a farming family, Ducasse grew up in Castel-Sarrazin in the Landes region of France. With one of the richest terroirs in France, the young Alain educated his palate. Curious, he tasted everything: foie gras, confit, pigeons, ceps and living on a farm, the vegetables came directly from the family garden. For him, they are “the most beautiful vegetables in the world”.

The starred Chef feels a deep connection with this land and nature. This respect for the environment has become the philosophy of Ducasse’s cooking.

At the age of 16, he continued his apprenticeship at the restaurant Le Pavillon Landais and went on to train at the Gascony Hotel and Tourism High School. In 1975, he joined the two Michelin-starred Chef Michel Guérard in Eugénie-les-Bains. He then became one of the disciples of Chef Alain Chapel in Mionnay. It was under the supervision of the latter that his love for Alain Ducasse’s cuisine fully blossomed.

Then, at only 33 years old, he obtained his 3rd Michelin star for Le Louis XV. He became a Knight of the legion of honour in 2004. In 2015, he was elected Best Worker in France and in 2019, he received the Prix du Rayonnement Gastronomique. An incredible career in the image of the first Chef to accumulate 6 Michelin stars in his lifetime.

Ducasse cooking school

The Ducasse Cooking School: education and well-being

Created in 1999 and renovated in 2020 by Arte Charpentier Architectes, the Alain Ducasse Training Centre has been training hundreds of seasoned professionals, retraining profiles and more recently students for nearly 20 years. On the program: advanced techniques and the latest trends.

Since its beginning, the school’s mission is to share and transmit the strong and committed philosophy of its creator. Respecting the product and the seasonality while innovating and reinventing itself. 

The École Ducasse Paris Campus, an ultra-contemporary campus located in Meudon, has everything: 5000m² accommodating 300 to 400 students, a sensory analysis room, 7 classrooms, 4 technical platforms, coworking spaces and small classes of 14 students maximum. 

The building itself reflects the Chef’s values. A 100% recycled roof made from mussel shells, oysters, crushed brick, wood fibre and coffee grounds! Arte Charpentier Architectes, known for its sustainable projects in Paris, Lyon and Shanghai, are behind this idea. 

This new school is the flagship of the Ducasse School’s ambitions to become a world reference in terms of training in the culinary and pastry arts.

In addition, the prestigious Ducasse School is part of the Globeducate network of international education excellence: 55 bilingual and international schools with more than 31,000 students. In short, the Alain Ducasse Cooking School is a place of connection where cooking is the unifying element and a way to preserve our environment.

The Ducasse cooking school: a school aware of environmental issues 

As a precursor of green cuisine, Chef Alain Ducasse has surrounded himself with the best chefs who share his vision.

Florian Gravelle, Chef trainer and technical manager of the school confirms: in Ducasse’s cuisine, vegetable condiments play a key role. They are the link between the different products in a dish. This is a philosophy that he learned from Chef Romain Meder at the Plaza Athénée.

On the day of our visit, the Chef had prepared a dish reflecting Ducasse’s values: fennel and herbs from the garden with a light, fluid sauce made from fennel cooking water. With the aromatic herbs, the Chef creates a condiment that gives all its complexity to the dish by mixing it with the sauce.

Cooking has evolved, as Chef Gravelle testifies, 20 years ago the sauces were mostly quite heavy. They were based on meat juice and fat. Now, the aim is to enjoy yourself while remaining healthy. As Chef Alain Ducasse would say, “less fat, less sugar, less salt. This new rich yet light cuisine puts the plant-based in the foreground while delighting our taste buds.

An institute that reflects the values of Less Saves The Planet and is accessible to all! So don’t hesitate any longer. You can also take lessons according to your level and get all the secrets of a healthy kitchen. On a second campus located in the 16th arrondissement, the cooking school offers “Green Gastronomy” courses lasting 2 months. You will learn the essentials of “natural” cooking. With these lessons, eat less water-intensive products and enjoy delicious and environmentally friendly dishes.

Website :

Ecole Ducasse Paris Campus

16 Av. du Maréchal Juin, 92360 Meudon

Phone : 01 34 34 19 10

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