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Executive Chef Lionel Rodriguez of Le Baron Tavernier Hotel shares his vegetarian recipe with us.

Executive Chef Lionel Rodriguez of Le Baron Tavernier Hotel shares his vegetarian recipe with us.

An undisputed culinary talent, Chef Lionel Rodriguez is a true magician! Throughout his career, he has brought his cooking expertise to many renowned establishments. Indeed, the Toulouse native has climbed the ladder from the Montreux Palace in Switzerland to the prestigious Hotel Le Baron Tavernier. It is in the latter that he still practices his cuisine with passion and magic that amazes his customers. Today, Chef Lionel Rodriguez presents his vegetarian recipe based on cabbage and carrot!

A look back at the astonishing career of chef Lionel Rodriguez.
Originally from Toulouse, now working in Switzerland, the chef has come a long way. Lionel Rodriguez first studied in the South West of France, which opened the door to many prestigious establishments. The Montreux Palace in Switzerland, Le Guanahani in St Barthélémy, Le Laurent in Paris and the Bar & Bœuf restaurant in Monte Carlos with Chef Alain Ducasse. All of them have had the prestige of having Chef Lionel Rodriguez in their ranks. He is now the Executive Chef of the prestigious hotel Le Baron Tavernier. Located in Chexbres, Switzerland, the hotel holds 4 stars thanks to its refined team and service.

With his Alpine style of cooking Lionel, practices his art with love. Coming from the four corners of France, his experience and current environment allow him to be creative. His main goal is the well-being of his customers by putting the product at the heart of the plate. The human relationship that guides his work is essential for him, because according to him, sharing flavour with others is a gift

A sublime and environmental panorama !

The Hotel Le Baron Tavernier and its chef welcome you to the heart of the vineyards in the beautiful wine region of Lavaux. From its terrace with a breathtaking view over Lake Geneva, it is here that chef Lionel Rodriguez exercises his passion with brio.

The eco-friendly Hotel Baron Tavernier has put in place many green initiatives that are in line with the values of Less Saves The Planet. You can find out more about their environmental initiatives in our article: LE BARON TAVERNIER: A HOTEL THAT INVESTS IN SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT !

The chef’s recipe

Chef Lionel Rodriguez presents a vegetarian recipe based on cabbage, carrots and oranges. His recipe is extremely well chosen and with only 3 main ingredients, he has managed to make the most of his ingredients so as not to waste any. His recipe combines three ingredients that are beneficial to the planet and our bodies. For example, for the environment, the orange tree from which the oranges come requires only 90 litres of water per kilogram. All the ingredients fit perfectly with the principles of Less Saves The Planet and Aquachefs, which is to reduce our consumption of water, for a better management of this resource essential to our life.


Le légume du chef Lionel Rodriguez : La Carotte , un légume bon pour votre santé et la planète.

– Local kale

– New carrots with tops

– Orange

– Aromatics: thyme, rosemary, bay leaf

– Salt and pepper

– Olive oil selected by Chef Lionel Rodriguez

Progression in 9 steps and to your forks!

1) – Cook the first leaves of the cabbage in the English way

2) – Take the rest of the cabbage and cut it roughly, then steam it in olive oil

3) – Select the best carrots and cook them whole

4) – With the other carrots, make a purée and finish with olive oil, with orange zest, season well

5) – Place the purée in a siphon, inject the gas

6) – Assemble the cabbage ballottine

7) – Place in the couscoussier

8) – Cook for 8 minutes with the infused herbs

9) – Arrange the dish

… and enjoy! With moderation of course

Our thanks go to Chef Lionel Rodriguez for taking the time to make this video and his delicious recipe! Watch the video of the recipe in detail on our Instagram page @less.saves.the.planet

To find Chef Lionel Rodriguez, visit the website or directly on site:
Baron Tavernier Hotel, Restaurant “Le Deck”, +41 (0)21 926 60 00
Route de la Corniche 4, 1070 Puidoux-Chexbres, Switzerland

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The preservation of clean water and access to it for all is at the heart of Less Saves The Planet’s commitments. You can now read Chapter 4 SAVING WATER AND THE EARTH from our book Less Saves The Planet available for free. The entire book is also available on our website.

See you soon for our next article!

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