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What are the « miraculous » benefits of Tiger Nuts ?

What are the « miraculous » benefits of Tiger Nuts ?

Have you ever tasted Tiger Nuts ? It’s one of those natural nutritional products that do us good. This tuber has an unlimited number of virtues for your health and your waistline! In this article you can discover the miracle benefits of this seed :

Nutsedge seed, its origin and consumption

Like the potato, the Tiger Nut is a tuber. It belongs to the Cyperaceae family and its species is Cyperus esculentus. The seed is small in size and grows on a plant at the water’s edge. The Nutsedge plant can be found mainly in West and Central Africa, it can reach a height of 40 cm and consists of thin leaves. The nutmeg seed is located in the roots and looks like a nut.

Nutsedge seeds can be eaten in different ways. Its consumption and form differ from country to country. For example, in Senegal it is eaten as a delicacy and in Spain as a drink. It can also be found in the form of oil, milk, flour and even flakes.

A super-seed, source of energy and benefits

Yellow nutsedge is a food that is beneficial to your body’s dynamism. It is free of caffeine and taurine and has no adverse effects after consumption. Its remarkable nutritional composition in potassium, magnesium and fatty acids, mixed with its excellent levels of vegetable proteins, make it a very relevant seed if you are stressed, nervous. It is also an excellent ally for anyone experiencing a decline in physical fitness such as fatigue.

If you are looking for a source of vegetable protein, Tiger Nuts is your answer.

Best friend of your diet and harmless for diabetics

Tiger nuts, like hazelnuts, have a very sweet flavour, but only in its flavour as it is not considered a sweet product (low glycemic index). This can be a real eye-opener if you are diabetic and suffer from a lack of sweetness. It is also used in some countries as a natural anti-diabetic treatment.

Sweetness does not necessarily mean weight gain, although this food is rather high in calories. On the other hand, its glycaemic index, as mentioned above, which allows us to evaluate the capacity of a food to raise the level of sugar in the blood, is low (35). Its high fibre content also gives it laxative properties for your intestinal transit. And finally, for those who want to lose weight, it can be excellent for your figure, as it has appetite-suppressant properties that will allow you to feel fuller more quickly.

Healthy and tasty, Tiger Nuts can be found in many forms, which means that its culinary uses can be varied. A source of energy, its benefits are unlimited, both physically and mentally.

Now that you know more about Tiger Nuts, in what form do you eat them ? In flakes, in milk, in oil ? There is a wide range available to you! In moderation of course !


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