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Executive Chef Laurent Wozniak at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Geneva

Executive Chef Laurent Wozniak at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Geneva

Cooking holds no secrets for Chef Laurent Wozniak, it has been a part of his life for 25 years now! Starting with his first diplomas during his teenage years in the restaurant business in the 90s, he has been able to climb the ladder thanks to competitions, studies and tenacity. Chef Laurent Wozniak is now honing his expertise and his future in the restaurant of the 5-star Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Geneva.

A look back at the faultless career of Chef Laurent Wozniak

Chef Laurent began his adventure in the City of Light at the prestigious Hôtel de Crillon. He then joined the luxurious Hôtel Ritz in Paris for 4 years. His beautiful career continues in Switzerland, in the famous Hotel Beau Rivage in Lausanne. The Swiss adventure continues! Eager to gain experience, he continued his journey in the same city at the Lausanne Palace. Finally, Laurent Wozniak worked for 7 years at the Hotel Président Wilson in Geneva at the crossroads of culture and gastronomy.

A remarkable career and a culinary passion, he is now the Executive Chef of the prestigious Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Geneva. Located in the Downtown area, the hotel holds 5 stars thanks to a team and a refined service.

A tart with different flavours to please your taste buds and the planet

Today, Chef Laurent presents a recipe that will impress you both visually and taste-wise. Discover his talent through his pie! The recipe and ingredients of the fine tart and essence of ceps, creamy parsley, chestnuts of Chef Laurent Wozniak.

Ingredients for 4 :

Ceps confit: 0.400kg ceps, 1L grape seed oil, 3 cloves of garlic, thyme, and salt and pepper.
Parsley cream: 50g curly parsley, 2 cloves of garlic, 1 shallot, 5 butter and 150g cream.
Duxelle of ceps: 200g of ceps, 80g of shallot, 20g of butter and 30g of chopped parsley.
Essence of ceps : Porcini trimmings, 1 shallot, water, ½ lemon and salt.
Finishing: ½ sheet of puff pastry, 2 cep caps, 100g chestnuts and fleur de sel.

Recipe description :

Confit ceps: Clean the ceps, separate the heads from the stems, reserve the stems for the duxelle and the trimmings for the essence. Put in a vacuum or in a plate with garlic, thyme, salt, pepper and cover with grape seed oil. Steam at 80° for 30 min for sous vide or at 140° for 30 min in a dish.

Creamy parsley: Remove the stalks from the parsley, blanch and cool. Peel the garlic clove and blanch it 7 times. Peel, chop and sweat the shallot with the butter, boil the cream and mix all ingredients together. Serve hot.

Duxelle of ceps: Chop the shallots and sweat in butter, add the chopped ceps and cook for a few minutes. To finish, mix lightly and add the chopped and seasoned parsley.

Essence of ceps: Peel and chop the shallot. In a saucepan add all the washed cep trimmings, the shallot and add the water to the level of the cep. Leave to cook gently for 1 hour. Strain and reduce the stock to a full-bodied juice, finish with the lemon juice and season.

Finishing: Bake the puff pastry between 2 baking sheets for 30 minutes at 180°. Cook the chestnuts in the oven, peel them, crush them and lightly roast them in a pan. Cut the porcini mushrooms in half, grill or pan-fry them, then finish them in the oven.

Presentation: Cut the puff pastry into triangles, add the cep duxelle and place thin slices of cep confit on top. Colour the tart on the cep side in the pan and finish in the oven. Place the tart in the centre of the plate, add the creamy parsley, the essence of ceps and the grilled cork. Finish with the roasted chestnuts and fleur de sel.

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