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Green Friday: responsible consumption!

Green Friday: responsible consumption!

It’s the big day, let’s celebrate Green Friday on 25 November! But what is Green Friday? It’s a movement that brings together, on this special day, people who are committed to consumption with the aim of making us all responsible. They are raising awareness through campaigns and interesting little posts to prevent our impact on the environment. Discover now, the Green Friday not to be missed! 

Green Friday: a collective event

While the whole Black Friday cycle is breaking records in banking transactions, swarming citizens and factories are putting themselves back in pain in accordance with the perpetuity and reminder of this frantic freeze morality. Beyond the one-time meeting after Black Friday, Green Friday wishes to strive for overconsumption, and to allow citizens to introduce an oration on their freeze modes. 

The Green Friday is dedicated between a chance to the compulsive freeze, to the not important purchases dictated by the adhering promotion, nothing to empower the consumers purely by empowering them and by music predisposition to the adventurous third of actors-consumers.

The Green Friday ® order thus launched in 2018 a predisposition to certify a treaty edit among a frozen responsible. The structures that wished to enter the order had among direct, non-cumulative, sustainable, and traceable channel activities:

  • Re-employment and/or whining
  • Non-fixed or reasoned fixed
  • Integrated business
  • Reconciliation
  • The completion or auction of ecological products and tasks:
  • from biotic use
  • money-saving non-renewable or vaguely renewable
  • with low carbon self-criticism (local products jacket)

Together we change the world through purchasing power 

What to make of these alarming figures? The Green Friday community refuses to stand still, recognising that buying is a powerful choice with tangible environmental consequences if it is motivated by fair and sustainable reasons. 

The aim is not to make people feel guilty, but to raise awareness of more responsible consumption. Today, many companies offer more meaningful options than those that Black Friday promotional inserts encourage us to consider. To fight against consumer pressure on citizens’ purchasing power. To change the world every day.

Together, our actions and habits can have a considerable impact on our environment and our people, and good practices that make a real difference, such as repairing or donating instead of throwing away, extending life, buying local, choosing labeled products… In the face of competition, Green Friday reminds us that individual actions can have a decisive impact on the collective.

Consumers around the world, use your purchasing power to change the world!

True to this vision, the Green Friday association has registered the Green Friday© trademark. Each member is committed to implementing specific actions and campaigns for responsible consumption throughout the last Friday in November.

A movement that has been growing since 2018 

The general public was seduced by the 1st edition which was a huge success on social networks. As early as December 2017, Altermundi proposed the idea of creating the citizen event to remove the discounts of the famous day Black Friday in order to limit our harmful impact on the environment. Being innovative to give the turnover made thanks to Black Friday to an association, the first connection with Envie was made in the SSE and circular economy office of the Paris City Hall. Six members eventually formed and became founders of the Green Friday association: Le Refer, Dream Act, Ethiquable, Emmaüs, Altermundi and Envie. 

This diversity makes it possible to approach several themes and to reach companies that are sensitive to these responsible trade themes. On the other hand, as the latter may lack the tools to fully implement this commitment, more and more players are lending a hand by being approved. 

The original commitment remains: to guarantee respect for the environment and the spirit of the event in the face of the hyper-consumption of Black Friday. The Green Friday movement is registering its brand by transparently defining the conditions for participating in the movement!

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