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Kumulus: the start-up that turns air into drinking water

Kumulus: the start-up that turns air into drinking water

Kumulus: In Tunisia, young engineers had the idea of creating a start-up to collect the humidity contained in the air and transform it into drinking water. Kumulus Water is revolutionising the environment and intends to solve the problem of water shortage in Tunisia in a 100% eco-responsible way!

Indeed, global warming is affecting the Arab world, where water resources are becoming increasingly scarce. Kumulus could be one of the answers to the problem of access to drinking water in a sustainable way.

The startup, through a solar-powered system, allows air to enter a machine designed by Kumulus, passing through various filters, and extracting moisture to transform it into drinking water, without using environmentally harmful products.


Kumulus: The startup that is part of the ecology in Tunisia

It all began in 2020, with Iheb Triki, an alumnus of the X05 class and AX ambassador to Tunisia. He finished his studies at the University of California Berkeley in the United States and soon afterwards became a consultant at BCG (Boston Consulting Group).

With ecology as his compass, he rose to the position of advisor to the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mines in Tunisia. It was from there that his career took a decisive turn, as he decided to launch himself into entrepreneurship with a positive impact on the environment, and thus to create the startup Kumulus.

“The idea is to tackle markets where there is no reliable source of renewable drinking water, or where water scarcity is such that it has become a burden to the local community” – Iheb Triki

With a project like this, there is a chance to bring lasting hope to the drought-stricken regions of the Maghreb. The Kumulus Water startup was awarded the 1st prize in the POESAM Tunisia and the 2nd prize in the POESAM Africa competition, which rewards the best innovative startup projects that have a positive impact in their geographical area and that meet the objectives of sustainable development.

And that’s not all! Although the Kumulus Water project is still at the experimental stage with a first prototype placed in Gabes, the startup intends to quickly equip several schools, villages and eco-responsible companies in Tunisia, before opening up to sales to individuals. This will enable a large number of people to be initiated and have a rapid impact on the country, enough to make the whole world dream!


Kumulus: Cutting-edge technology

But the reason Kumulus is so successful is naturally the quality of the machines. A state-of-the-art technology, the size of a small refrigerator, which is based on the well-known phenomenon of condensation of humidity in the air. The aim is to capture the water vapour present, but not only that!

As this process is already well known, the challenge here was to succeed in producing water that could be made drinkable by treatment, without any consequences for the environment. We can say that this has been achieved because the company uses only solar energy!

In addition, Kumulus water machines will be sold or supplied on a subscription basis with payments made for each litre of water produced, so savings are easy and useful. And another great advantage is that no plastic bottles will be used, so remote or off-grid populations will have their own sustainable source of drinking water. 

Moreover, the machine is fully connected, via 3G or Bluetooth, thanks to an application that makes it possible to know the quality of the ambient air, the level of humidity and the quantity of water produced.

This innovative system is capable of producing up to 30 litres of water in 24 hours and can save 30 to 40% on the annual budget for buying bottled mineral water!

It is therefore highly likely that Tunisia will be the envy of many in the future with such technology.

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