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Growing roses with potatoes

Growing roses with potatoes

Smell that beautiful bouquet… Receiving beautiful roses has always been a way to awaken the best feelings. Roses are flowers that inspire delicacy, softness and beauty that bring a special charm to living spaces. Unfortunately, they are not eternal, they eventually wither and even lose their beauty. They are therefore ephemeral. So how can you have them full time? Discover the challenge that we propose to you thanks to the potato!

A rose to get a rosebush

They are known to bring a glamorous side and brighten up your home. Their soft and delicate perfume participates enormously in the well-being of the beings. On the other hand, green plants also have several properties that are very useful for the emotional balance of people. Several studies have shown that an intensive contact with roses can remove anxiety and stress. So, having flowers around helps you to relax but also soothes you most of the time.

Rose is widely used in cosmetics: but why? What are the benefits? 

– Anti-aging. Because of its antioxidant properties, it acts globally against premature cellular aging. It helps to fight against the appearance of wrinkles and helps to tone the epidermis.

– Moisturizing. The rose brings comfort and elasticity to dry and mature skin thanks to its softening and regenerating properties. The rose protects the skin from external aggressions (wind, cold, pollution…) and soothes redness and skin reactions. An ally of the sensitive skins.

– The natural ingredients contained in the rose restore the skin’s radiance. Indeed, it brings a beautiful skin effect and freshness. Restores vitality to tired skin.

– Its cleansing and astringent properties help to tighten pores without drying the skin or limiting the appearance of excess sebum.

Plant your rosebush in your small home

You don’t need to have a green thumb before trying to have a rosebush in your own garden to enjoy its gentle benefits. Just a rose and that’s it! All you need is a stem, a potato, some potting soil, a pot and a plastic bottle.

First, take the stem and remove all its leaves. Then cut the head diagonally and stick the stem of the rose into your potato. But why the potato anyway? Because potatoes are full of water and can keep many foods hydrated. Finally, fill a pot with potting soil and put your pretty, crunchy potato in it.

Then, carefully add soil all around your stem and cover it with a greenhouse obtained by cutting the bottom of a plastic bottle. Water your stem around the bottle and be very careful!

Finally, after a period of regularity and continuous care, you will be able to enjoy the splendor of a rosebush at home! Your best way to perfume your home in a different way is finally here and you will attract all the good vibes to your home every day.

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