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The 3 unsuspected virtues of aloe vera

The 3 unsuspected virtues of aloe vera

You already know aloe vera for its moisturising qualities and of course for the substance it extracts, the latex. However, aloe vera has many other unsuspected virtues.

Used for at least 6,000 years in ancient Egypt, the treasure of this plant is in its leaves. It is from there that a bitter substance rich in aloin is extracted, which is none other than the latex. Highly prized for digestive medicines and cosmetics, it is the inner layer containing a clear gel that is used for its moisturising and nourishing properties. However, this miracle plant has many other virtues that are just as interesting and practical in everyday life.

Aloe vera consists of more than 500 species and spreads very easily in the wild in tropical, semi-tropical and arid climates throughout the world. It is also found in France, more specifically in the Var region. It is therefore possible to obtain it without polluting too much!

To consume it, aloe vera in the form of juice must be extracted cold and not pasteurised. Otherwise, the plant loses all its benefits. As for the gel, aloe vera must be the main ingredient of the product and with only one or two natural preservatives to preserve its values.

aloe vera

Better digestion

As we explained earlier, aloe vera, or aloes, is very popular in the use of digestive medicines. The gel of the plant protects the stomach mucosa against heartburn but also against acid reflux. Because it is rich in polysaccharides, these sugars have moisturizing and regenerating properties on the mucous membranes and will therefore soothe stomach irritations.

For a longer-term effect, it is advisable to consume aloe vera daily, in the form of juice, to maintain its balance.

And that’s not all! This plant goes even further, as it also allows better assimilation of the nutrients contained in food. Anti-bacterial, it is one of the most nutritious plants in the world, it reduces bloating thanks to its high zinc content and its latex is a natural laxative.

Anti-inflammatory and anti-edema

In case of blisters or irritations on the feet, aloe vera gel is very effective in soothing you while you get used to your new shoes. Simply apply it undiluted to your blisters and other irritated areas. The gel will give you immediate relief thanks to its soothing properties, while nourishing the sensitive area and healing it. The heating of the skin is then stopped by this natural anti-inflammatory. Its regenerating and rapid action will make all the burns disappear from your skin.

Its consumption directly stimulates the immune system and strengthens the body by repairing damaged cells. It encourages the growth of new cells and helps to fight against joint pain and to relieve it effectively. It also helps to slow down the ageing of the skin.

There is no need for medicines or other vitamin tablets, as the juice of this unique plant contains hundreds of components, vitamins and other minerals that will act directly on diseases such as arthritis and without side effects or undesirable effects.

Beneficial for diabetes

People with diabetes are strongly advised to consume aloe vera. In all its forms, its components are effective in regulating the blood sugar level of people affected by diabetes. Aloe vera gel contributes to the reduction of blood sugar levels and is present in the juice.

Its effectiveness is due to the detoxifying properties of its gel. Its high fibre content and the presence of polysaccharides and glycoproteins help the body to use glucose more efficiently and to eliminate its excess in the blood. Aloe vera also increases the body’s antioxidant defences, which are often impaired in diabetics, thus stimulating the creation of insulin. However, it is essential to be followed by a doctor before starting any treatment.

aloe vera

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