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Animals to the rescue

Animals to the rescue

You are looking for an original way to reduce stress? Well, you need to create a strong connection with animal friends. Animals are now the subject of new studies to fight tension. Dog, cat, horse, everyone is welcomed!

Benefits for our health

The Covid pandemic is still happening and many people are relaying now more than ever on their pets to overcome this difficult time.

Having pets in our life comes with great and certain benefits on our mental and physical health [1]. Simply petting a dog would reduce the level of cortisol – aka the stress hormone. As they enjoy it, we also should because our happy hormone or oxytocin level keep increasing.

Stress comes with secondary effects like hypertension and high heart rate. Apparently, animals help us reduce our blood pressure.  Without knowing it, our beloved friends limit cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack or stroke.

Our secret garden

As we were telling you, animals are key for our mental health. We tend to put into perspective our life when we are around them. Plus, they are shoulders we can cry on as they would never judge us. We can talk about our problems and anxieties and in return, they bring us love and comfort.

It is this new connection with the pet that helps us fight loneliness.  Many people have adopted a pet because they were feeling alone in their home. And this phenomenon had exploded during lockdown. So be careful, if you adopt, you adopt for life. Regarding animal welfare, Less Saves The Planet raises awareness on abandon.

They also simplify social interactions. You were always taught that you should not speak to strangers. But, if you have a dog this rule no longer works. A dog is actually a great excuse to start a conversation.

Everyone has someone

Between dogs and us, it is a love story that goes back to the Neolithic Period: it is the first species to be domesticated by the Man and one of the few to be attracted by him. Faithful, loyal, protector and loving, dog care more about their friends than themselves. Therefore, they adapt to their humans’ wishes. He often comes running for a pet when he perceives you are feeling unwell. It is hard to resist… and feel stressed when you are in front of such a sweet face.

What if your cat could sense your distress? By rolling up against you, he absorbs your stress: the regular beating of his heart soothes yours, his warmth spreads to your tense body. As for taking care of him, nothing could be more rewarding. Have you heard of purr therapy? It is a very serious concept explained by the Toulouse-based veterinarian Jean-Yves Gauchet [2]. He has shown that cats purr at low frequencies, between 20 and 50 hertz, and that there could not be more relaxing music to soothe us.

Horses, are they the new therapists? If cats and dogs treat your stress, horses do no less. Equitherapy is based on the ability of these animals to feel the slightest of your emotions: anxiety, sadness, fear. It is impossible to establish contact without being in touch with your deepest feelings. They really help us to manage our daily anxiety. It is a real therapy with lasting effects!

[1] The Power of Pets Health Benefits of Human-Animal Interactions, National Institutes of Health, 2018.

[2] Les vertus thérapeutiques du ronronnement, Jean-Yves Gauche, Journal Scientifique efferverSciences, 2016.


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