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Pandobac puts an end to delivery packaging

Pandobac puts an end to delivery packaging

Delivery packaging is a curse for the planet. Apart from the cost, it is an economic loss and unnecessary waste. After use, cardboard and plastic are simply thrown away. To alleviate this problem, the company Pandobac has found the perfect solution: reusable and sustainable bins!

Founded in 2018 by Shu Zhang, owner of the Maguey restaurant in Paris, the startup Pandobac responds to a very specific problem: Expensive delivery boxes and other pallets, systematically ending up in the trash.

Delivery boxes are a problem for the planet, among the most polluting waste. On average, a carton costs 60 cents and 80 cents for wooden crates. This is a problem for restaurants and other businesses of all kinds. Local authorities can also be affected by this problem. A logical target chosen by the startup, which has set up operations throughout France.


The perfect and economical solution

The reusable bin is not a revolutionary solution; it is already widely used in the clothing industry. However, it has not yet been democratised in the catering industry. With the entry into force of the AGEC and EGAlim laws, companies and local authorities will have to change the way they operate in the coming years. It is therefore quite natural that Pandobac had the perfect idea to set up a system of advice and reuse!

They support some forty clients throughout the supply chain (fish traders, agricultural cooperatives and wholesalers). Indeed, the company, which works in conjunction with numerous bin suppliers, offers a wide catalogue of reusable transport bins for hire. Thanks to a lower cost per use than traditional packaging, Pandobac offers an economical solution to its customers.

In addition, Pandobac has developed a consulting activity to assist large groups and local authorities in developing logistical and financial models, finding suitable containers for their structure, finding collection and washing partners, and piloting experiments.

The fact that they are reusable means that they do not generate waste, in addition to being made from recycled plastic. The bins also save space. They can be nested and stacked to save time on waste management and deliveries. This avoids overflowing bins. They can also be cleaned and reused. In addition, the bins are also tracked thanks to a QR code system and an application developed by the company, allowing delivery personnel and suppliers to know exactly how many bins they have deposited at each delivery point.

Pandobac’s interest lies in the circular logistics it has put in place for its customers. This new logistics system comprises 4 main points:

  1. Orders are prepared in reusable bins instead of disposable packaging.
  2. Customers are delivered and keep the stackable and nestable bins until the next delivery.
  3. When the next delivery arrives, the delivery man takes the bins and drops them off at the Pandobac wash centre.
  4. Pandobac cleans and returns the bins.

In order to offer a turnkey solution, they help the companies that call on them to set up this system. This is a major strength, allowing them to adapt to a logistical scheme in order to organise a fluid and ecological transition, for a cleaner future!


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