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2 good reasons to drink eco-friendly wine

2 good reasons to drink eco-friendly wine

When it comes to drinking eco-friendly wine, it is always done in moderation. And for good reason, because wine has many benefits for your health and for the planet if it is grown responsibly! Cultivated mainly in Mediterranean countries, wine requires little water. It only needs water for its growth and is content to draw water from the rain or directly from the water table in the soil. The rest of the time it prefers to take advantage of the sun, but not the drought, and thus develop beautiful, juicy and sweet bunches.

To try and balance the water supply, some vineyards (notably the great Bordeaux vintages) evacuate the stagnant water when the rainfall is too high, using drainage systems.

Contrary to France, where it is forbidden to irrigate vines unless there is a derogation, some countries that are too hot and too dry, such as Spain, Portugal or even recently California, are able to do so. In order to respect the planet, it is strongly advised to cultivate only when the climatic conditions are present to avoid human intervention as much as possible.


Several types of environmentally friendly vineyard management

There are many alternatives to industrial agriculture, some of which are much more respectful of the environment, influencing the quality of this elixir. Natural wine, filtered or unfiltered, can be grown biodynamically or organically. Biodynamic viticulture follows a lunar calendar and macerated plants are used as natural fertiliser for the vines. While this system has many advantages for the quality of the wine, it requires a lot of time and control.

The preservation of the environment has become an absolute necessity for many producers and consumers. Thus, for those who follow an agroecological approach, it is possible to go even further than organic and biodynamic farming. A handful of winegrowers are experimenting with the principles and techniques of agrobiology, agroforestry, polyculture and permaculture in a winegrowing context. These agricultural practices reconnect with the land, the animals and the authenticity that people thought they had lost. As the forerunners of a new era, it is likely that these types of farming have a bright future for a more eco-responsible consumption of wine that is also good for your health.

Numerous benefits for the body and health

It may surprise you, but wine is… good for your health! We’re not telling you any lies, there are indeed many benefits to drinking red or white wine.

Very rich in antioxidants, the respetarol contained in the skin of the grape, for example, has many benefits for your health. Cardiovascular problems, Alzheimer’s disease or even lung cancer, this antioxidant helps prevent certain diseases while extending life expectancy. But that’s not all! Drinking wine (sparingly) will rid your mouth of bacteria, preventing cavities, gingivitis and sore throats.

This is due to the polyphenols, antibacterial molecules from the grape seeds, which act against plaque and eliminate any impurities. The list goes on and on, since the wealth of vitamins and antioxidants in wine is so incredible that the effects on our bodies and our health are just as incredible!


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