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The sustainable and ethical Fashion app

The sustainable and ethical Fashion app

Can Fashion and Environment meet? The answer is yes! Less Saves The Planet is recommending CLEAR FASHION for very good reasons.

This app from 2019 scores brands and clothes upon 4 themes: the environment, health, humans and animals.

A phased project

It’s only as students in food processing that co-founders Marguerite Dorangeon and Rym Trabelsi have brought forward this common issue: what is the impact of our wardrobe clothing? In 2018, both came up with their own start-up CLOTHPARENCY. From its name, you can guess it moves towards greater consumer transparency.

Their first ever service – Linen – was a great success! During your online shopping, you only nedd to activate this Chrome extension and that’s it. It gives scores on brands and products regarding ethical and environmental criteria. It’s such a huge success that users want more! They then moved up gear and a year later created the app: CLEAR FASHION.

It also relies on brand’s support. Fashion workers are able to reference their brand or piece of clothing by filling a form about assessed criteria. This listing allows them to take stock of their practices, compare themselves with other brands and identify their strengths. In reality, everyone wins!

Yuka for clothes

According to CLEAR FASHION’s website, around 200.000 French consumers want to buy sustainable clothing. Available on App Store and Google Play – the free app informs you on 80 clothing brands and more! From La Redoute to Louis Vuitton.

Each of the 4 themes are evaluated on 100 points, to which bonus points are added. The scores follow a colour scheme (green, orange, red) according to levels of commitment like the brand’s waste management, knowledge of supplier, material used the use of fur or exotic leather. An entire community can instantly scan bar codes in stores. And users will be able to compare pieces of various brands. Useful, right?

In just one scan with your phone’s camera, the app analyses every detail stamped on clothing labels. Every good or bad score goes with a full explanation on why. Already available in 15 shops, scanning is the new way to sustainable fashion.

 All together against greenwashing

A great power comes with us – consumers! We are the ones who buy. Putting forward a product for its good ethical background underlines our support for an entire ecosystem. Here’s why co-founders are sending a strong message to the actors behind the fabrication of our favourite clothes.

According to Rym Trabelsi, “when a brand does not wish to communicate on their social or environmental policy, we consider that there is a high risk”. It may not know how the materials they use are sourced or the working conditions of the people employed by their subcontractors. In this case, the app gives them a very low score, or even a zero score.

The CLEAR FASHION team relies on the reports made public by brands, which are sometimes incomplete or old, even though the biggest multinationals are now required to be more transparent. Since the launch of the application, some have even approached the team to have their information made public.

The application is a tool created for and by consumers, but the wider aim is also to help the Fashion industry change. As recommended by Less Saves The Planet, action requires raising our awareness to best safeguard our ecosystems, or at least avoid encouraging their destruction.

 To learn more about the app, please visit their website.

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