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How to choose Fennel? With Chef Jean-Marc Bessire

How to choose Fennel? With Chef Jean-Marc Bessire

The iconic and starred Chef Jean-Marc Bessire has chosen fennel. Native to Mediterranean regions, fennel has been very popular in southern Europe since ancient times. In France, the production of this vegetable from the apale family is mainly located in Provence and represents 4,000 tons per year. It is also grown in Ardèche, Bretagne or the Drôme.

There are many varieties, but three are found mainly on the market: the Florence fennel, the sweet and the wild. Fennel may be eaten raw or cooked, salty or even sweet!

Thanks to the wise advice of our chef, you will learn everything about this vegetable!  

Choose it and store it well

It is essential to select your fennel carefully, preferring a well round, firm and white bulb without stains. The smallest ones are the tasiest.

Trust your nose: fresh fennel has a good aniseed smell. Green plumes are also a guarantee of freshness.

It is advisable to keep the fennel in a bag – plastic or reusable cotton – in the refrigerator tray as it is a root vegetable. Because of its aniseed scent, it is best to separate it from other vegetables. When optimal storage conditions are met, the fennel can be kept in the refrigerator for 4 to 7 days.

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Let’s move towards seasonal vegetables whose cultivation requires only a limited amount of water.

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