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The start-up ALGAMA is this crazy adventure of 3 former students and now friends looking for a healthier diet. Algae proprieties help them to create this new generation of daily food.   

Benefits of microalgae  

They are microorganism living in fresh or sea water. Invisible to the eye, they have various environmental and health benefits 

Did you know that microalgae contain up to 70% of proteins, vitamins and minerals and, it has never been under scrutiny? The component is limited by various constraints that the founders have looked into, such as organoleptic (taste, texture and smell) qualities, conservation and industrial use. Its incredible composition and its sustainable production were both important levers for change. 

For ALGAMA, these microorganisms are very interesting and completely sustainable. So, the founders commit to find their true potentialIn reality, they want to focus on new ingredients and products that can be good, nutritious and environmental. Microalgae are key for the future! 

A pioneer  

The ALGAMA project became reality when it was said: “the world’s population will reach nearly 10 billion by 2050”. Population will grow and resources will be scarce. As for the pollution in agro-food industry, it will become more pressing because of the needs of this growing population.  

In prevention, the start-up’s success takes advantage of consumers changing their eating habitsNowadays, each of us is concerned and tracks his food. However, high-quality supply is low. Available products on the market do not necessarily meet health and environmental expectations. 

Food also comes from animal resources which are extremely polluting. The change in consummation will allow companies like ALGAMA to grow. The system believes in the high potential of these marina resources. 

Therefore, they promise to sell delicious and organic products who will meet the population’s new eating habits.  

French sustainable products 

As they tend to feed billion of human beings, ALGAMA is currently working on product innovation to overcome this issue. 

In partnership with the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS), they add some type of algae to food matrix in order to be transformed in daily products. Today, there is not enough algae-based products in shops. But, this new alternative is affordable to all. 

ALGAMA has first tackled on beverage markets with a spirulina drinkIt is a still water, poor in calories which makes it like an infusion. It is rich in vitamins and minerals that boost its revitalizing and nutritive actions.  

Less Saves The Planet whose precepts is founded upon animal and environmental welfare can only congratulates this incredible project. It stages a balance between nutrition and environment.     

Don’t forget to go on their website!

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