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Radio and TV host as well as author of numerous books, Stéphane Bern is very mindful of the environment. He opened up about it during an interview with Agathe Godard.

What are your green resolutions for 2021?

My green resolution for 2021 is to keep taking care of my garden in a sustainable way, without chemical fertilizers. I combine my plants for a better organic culture.

What do you do to reduce plastic use?

I stopped using plastic bottles and fill my glass bottle using water coolers. I no longer let the water run when it’s not useful, since water is precious. I buy bulk goods in order to avoid plastic packaging as much as I can.

By doing all that, I reduce plastic use. When I go to the marketplace, I use my good old tote bag. I try as much as I can to eliminate plastic in my surroundings.

Did you reduce your meat consumption?

I actually did reduce my red meat consumption. I eat less meat but I opt for quality: I buy it at the butcher shop in order to pay a fair price which goes to farmers’ income.  In the countryside, I prefer shopping locally.

What personality inspires you most regarding ecology?

A lot of green personalities inspire me: first, Maud Fontenoy and the prince Albert of Monaco because of their engagement for ocean preservation. Also, Fanny Agostini knows how to address ecology and small gestures to save the planet without guilt-tripping people.   

In what industry would you like to see green innovations?

I wish things would change as fast as possible and more radically in the universe of public consumption. Industrials which keep using bisphenol A or polycarbonate in their packaging or aluminum in deodorants should be punished. We should also be responsible consumers and force them to change.

Think about the mobilization against eggs from battery hens, in which I humbly took part. Those eggs are no longer sold in supermarkets. Unfortunately, they are still used in industrial pastry. A collective awakening need to happen so that we understand that our health starts at out plate, without creating a gap between those who have the financial means and those who don’t. Quality for all at the best price. This is what we need.

Interview by Agathe Godard


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