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Jean-Marc Barr

Jean-Marc Barr

His name sounds vaguely familiar? Hint: it has something to do with the open sea … The Franco-American actor – Jean-Marc Barr – was featured in many movies and venturing far beyond national borders and fixed genres. He hit success in The Big Blue (Le Grand Bleu) directed by the famous Luc Besson. Since he is committed to the protection of marine mammals and their natural habitats, he kindly took time to answer to Agathe Godard’s environmental questions.

What are your best eco-friendly resolutions for 2021?

I am trying to be more and more conscientious in my consumption. I am not yet a fan of organic products, but I try to buy them from time to time. In fact, I prefer to focus on quality rather than quantity, both in terms of food and material goods. For example, I have been limiting my meat consumption for years and now I hardly want any in my recipes.

In which area would you like to witness environmental innovations?

In my opinion, all sectors need to move towards a greener environment where profit will no longer define the industry. We all hope for change for the sake of the planet but also for our own.

Can you tell us about your eco-friendlier living?

I practice a few green gestures on a daily basis. I separate plastics and sort my waste as best I can. I support the ecological initiative to encourage people to change their habits. That’s why I prefer to take a big reusable shopping bag instead of disposable plastic bags. As I don’t have a car, I walk constantly. And finally, I don’t buy plastic bottles anymore to avoid finding them in nature.

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