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How to choose your white asparagus with Eric Bouchenoire

How to choose your white asparagus with Eric Bouchenoire

Asparagus comes from the asparagaceae family. The spears emerge from underground buds at the base of the root system. His white colour is because the buds do not see the sun. This particularity gives a delicate taste. In France, it is mainly cultivated in Val-de-Loire, South-West, South-East and Alsace.

In Spring, it is the most prominent vegetable around. Asparagus have inspired both amateurs and chefs like Eric Bouchenoire – Executive chef of Ateliers Joël Robuchon – who has bet on quality. He is here to influence you on your selection.

How to choose and store it

Good quality asparagus have a long and firm stem. Their buds should have tight scales and the root should be shiny and moist. You will notice that white asparagus have more fibers than the green ones because it slowly grows.

Asparagus can be stored in bunches for up to 3 days in the refrigerator crisper drawer. However, it is better to avoid putting them in the fridge after cooking as they may lose their taste and texture. If possible, wrap them in a clean, dry cloth with the tips up. This way, they will keep all their flavour.

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