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Boost your immunity naturally

Boost your immunity naturally

The support of the immune system is important during the winter season against infections and viral proliferation. Discover the good reflexes to adopt in your daily life to boost your immune system in a natural way!

The major good habits to adopt

Choose foods to strengthen your immune system

Immunity comes from food. It is important to fill up on vitamins and minerals. Here is a list of foods you can choose from to strengthen your natural defenses and cope with seasonal infections.
Foods rich in prebiotics such as garlic, asparagus, onions, leeks, citrus fruits, kiwis and even oranges.
Foods rich in vitamin A such as cod liver oil, egg yolks and a wide range of dairy products.
Foods rich in vitamin C found in all fruits and vegetables. It is recommended to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables in moderation.

Micro-nutrition, strengthening your immunity

Some plants and vitamins naturally help to strengthen the immune system. They are present in products, nuts and seeds or cocoa
In plants, Echinacea purpurea and Echinacea angustifolia increase the body’s resistance and stimulate the production of antibodies.
Echinacea is a perennial plant rich in polysaccharides, phenolic compounds, echinacea and minerals like calcium and magnesium.
These natural active ingredients are used in many food supplements such as IMMU RESIST from Lescuyer Laboratory.

Other high quality ingredients have been added for an optimal formula: Propolis, Oyster mushroom Beta Glucan, Vitamins and minerals. These contributions are immune cofactors. The pelargonium contained in Imule Cist is standardized in polyphenols and calms the respiratory tract and throat. Vitamin D is also essential as it contributes to the proper functioning of the immune system. Studies have shown that people with low levels of vitamin D* are at increased risk of infection.

Take lactic ferments and probiotics

The intestine contains 70 immune cells. It performs a protective function through its complex ecosystem of bacteria and yeast. When our intestinal flora is unbalanced, our natural defenses can become weakened. To strengthen them, lactobacilli (or probiotic microbes or strains) can be precious allies, present in many foods such as yogurt, cheese and kefir.

The role of the intestine is important for body function. Lactobacillus rhamnosus, Bifidobacterium bifidum, Bifidobacterium animalis ssp Lactis and Lactobacillus helveticus contribute to the restoration of the balance of the intestinal flora.

Also included in the food supplements BACTIVIT DÉFENSES OROSTICK and BACTIVIT ÉQUILIBRE of the Lescuyer Laboratory. These natural solutions contain specific microbial strains that contribute to the normal functioning of the immune system.

Get regular physical activity every week

As we know, regular physical activity has many health benefits. It promotes healthy cardiovascular function, reduces the risk of diabetes, improves sleep quality and is effective in supporting immune system performance. Exercise has been shown to energize, reduce the effects of stress, ward off fear and tension, weaken the immune system and eliminate factors that make you more vulnerable to attack from pathogens.

Get adequate and sufficient sleep

A good night’s sleep helps the immune system function optimally. A good night’s sleep increases the effectiveness of T-cells, which play a key role in the immune system. Sleep is an essential immune defense. Somnusia Night Complete contains melatonin, the sleep hormone that helps you fall asleep faster. It is also composed of saffron, which acts on the nervous system. Choose a regular rhythm:
If possible, set a bedtime and wake-up time. Sleeping in a room that is conducive to sleep is also very important. Avoid overheating the room. A temperature of 18°C is ideal.

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