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Flowbox: the artificial intelligence that optimises our water and energy consumption!

Flowbox: the artificial intelligence that optimises our water and energy consumption!

Flowbox : You are on the road and you pass an office district. It’s night time and you notice something: all these empty buildings are fully lit. A maze of fully lit offices. Does this image speak to you? Many of us wonder why and how these buildings stay lit up all night. And if these thousands of light bulbs work 24 hours a day, what about the rest of the energy consumption of these buildings? Water, for example, how do you detect a leak or unnecessary use? Flowbox, a company from the Czech Republic, is revolutionising the way we manage energy consumption on a large scale!


Flowbox’s mission: sustainability and water conservation

The start-up founded in 2012 in the small town of Vestec with 2739 inhabitants is shaking up all our habits in terms of energy consumption. It is now 10 years later and Flowbox is present in more than 20 countries.

Flowbox’s mission is simple: to put technology at the service of sustainable development. With more than 30 experts in the team, the creation of an artificial intelligence capable of tracking energy consumption across industrial campuses has come to the world.

Their dream? To use flowbox on a city scale. You’ve heard the term smart home? These hyper-connected houses, optimising electricity, gas or water consumption. The principle is the same, Flowbox wants to create smart cities.

With an artificial intelligence capable of automatic learning, this box is able to find all the energy faults in a building in a few weeks.


How Flowbox works

We won’t go into the details of artificial intelligence platforms, but it is useful to understand how this program is able to modulate and manage all this energy.

  • Installation and implementation

This initial phase allows the analysis of your total energy consumption: electricity, heating, gas, water, any other technical gases (like nitrogen and hydrogen for example). During this first step, the box also observes the energy history. By absorbing all this information, old and new, Flowbox is able to predict future trends and sound the alarm in case of out of range consumption. This reduces the duration of water leaks and allows them to be resolved quickly.

  • Feedback and diagnosis

After these weeks of analysis and tracking, the Flowbox team will come back to the company and the structure in question to draw up a list of solutions specific to the client’s energy needs. The start-up even offers goals and advice for a digital transition that allows the Flowbox programme to function optimally.

  • Contract and order

Once the prognosis has been completed and the customer’s requests have been taken into account, the contract is signed and the installation of this incredible machine begins!

  • Technical design and final installation

All specific requirements and demands are put in place. The first weeks after the final installation of Flowbox are crucial. The technical team therefore remains extremely connected and present. A tailor-made service that really meets the energy and climate expectations of our generation.

  • Final configuration

The visionary minds at Flowbox give us hope for a better and more environmentally friendly future. But this team of experts does not intend to stop there. For the creation of smart buildings and even smart cities in the future, the challenge is simple: to share this knowledge with the whole world. We are all concerned by climate change and together we can reduce our consumption of water, gas and electricity. That’s why, after the installation of the programme, a team is in charge of training the employees and staff.

This is the good news of the day. So continue to participate in your own way, turn off your tap, take shorter showers, close your windows when the heating is on, because together we can make the biggest changes!

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The preservation of clean water and access to it for all is at the heart of Less Saves The Planet’s commitments. You can now read Chapter 4 SAVING WATER AND THE EARTH from our book Less Saves The Planet available for free. The entire book is also available on our website.

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