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Bonheur français

<strong>Bonheur français</strong>

If Contentment rhymes with commitment, then they are going strong! Cécile Brun and Elodie Laurent have founded Bonheur Français – which draws sustainable French-made products and fight waste by promoting short-circuit. Both desires to step into newly trend of saving local know-how and build a new bulwark against fast-fashion. Together – PR and Communication Manager Cecile and Commercial and Contractual Manager Elodie – intend to move mountains! The idea that has been germinating in their heads for several years thanks to collective awareness on environmental issues is becoming a beautiful plant!

First key to Commitment? Recycling our country’s know-how by shopping local and short-circuit product.

The heart of their concept is to sell French product made by craftsmen that hand down their know-how.

Whether it is for private sales or their Boutique du Bonheur, the two founders only choose companies whose production techniques are as transparent as possible, in an ultra-short circuit and with as few intermediaries as possible.

“Now more than ever, people want to know where their products were made. People are becoming more open-minded about transparency. They prefer better than more whilst being really committed” Cécile, Bonheur français co-founder.

A brand is usually selected because of there was a genuine connection between the founders and the designers.

“Chosing this sector meant creating a close relationship with brands. The advantage behind the Made in France is that it is a niche sector where we can easily talk to the founders of the brands and develop a relationship of trust” Elodie, Bonheur français co-founder.

“We help craftsmen and designers to be more visible and beyond their own selling channels. We weave with each brand and designer, a durable link. Some already follow us since the very beginning. We promote them on our website and our social networks. We know that these brands often lack visibility to sell. Together, we are stronger and have more impact.” Cécile, co-founder of Bonheur français.

Add to this the promotion of good ecological practices of these brands, whether in their choice of materials, packaging, or support for certain associations, and you have a recipe for happiness!

To support the French economy and give a new lease of life to young French companies, they are turning to a solidarity-based approach, focused on people and talent.

Second key? Fight fast fashion, overproduction and waste with private sales recycling previous and present brands’ collections.

Bonheur français is now an online shop paired with a physical shop. However, at first it was supposed to be a system of private sales of Made in France products to consumers.

Why? On the consumer side, it’s an extra boost for people who want to switch to an increasingly made-in-France consumption.


“Many people still associate French-made product with expense. Our goal is to show that some companies try to find solutions.” Elodie, Bonheur français co-founder.

For brands, this is a turning page against fast fashion.

Cécile and Elodie allow designers who have not sold all their stock to entrust it to them so that they can put it back on sale at low prices for their customers who are very keen on this type of offer.

“Evolution results on people buying more products from old collections. Regarding ecology, we bet on timeless pieces, we don’t throw away when the season is over. It’s a win-win situation.” Cécile, co-founder of Bonheur français.

Products that are not sold are revalued, made in France brands no longer have to throw away their stock, and if they have inadvertently overproduced, the Bonheur français team is there to offer them a solution. It’s a win-win solution.

All these commitments allow Bonheur français to stand out on the made in France planet. Not yet giants, but with unlimited ambitions and plenty of ideas, they maintain the capital of trust and sympathy with their partners and clients.

Cécile and Elodie are keen to keep this imprint and image of proximity and defence of the values of solidarity, valorisation of the talents of their country and the inclusion of Bonheur français in a 360° sustainable development approach.

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