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Vice-president of the Provence-Alpes Côte d’Azur regional council, Maud Fontenoy is also a navigator like no other: she was the first woman to raw across the Atlantic. Very mindful of the environment, she created the Maud Fontenoy foundation which raises awareness in France and internationally about the challenges we face to protect the oceans. Agathe Godard interviewed her about her daily green gestures.

Does a green personality inspire you?

I look up to researchers who dedicate their lives to find answers. 22 000 molecules of the marine environment are currently studied in order to become medicines. Now more than ever: saving the oceans is saving humanity

What do you do to reduce your plastic consumption?

10 million tons of plastic are dumped in the sea each year and we then find it in our sushi plate! I recycle everything and choose to refuse over-packaged products.  

What are your gestures to fight against waste?

Cooking myself and creating new recipes with the leftovers. Teaching my four children to always finish their plate. Eating yogurts even when the expiration date is exceeded for a few days!

Interview by Agathe Godard

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