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 2020 was a year of challenges.

The Less Saves The Planet movement wants to restore hope and encourage change, in the manner of the Amerindian legend of the Hummingbird :

“One day,” said the legend, “there was a huge forest fire. All the terrified, aghast animals watched helplessly as disaster struck. Only the little hummingbird was active, fetching a few drops with its beak to throw them on the fire. After a while, the armadillo, annoyed by this derisory agitation, said to him: “Colibri! Aren’t you crazy? It is not with these drops of water that you will put out the fire!”

And the hummingbird replied, “I know, but I’m doing my part.” »

At first glance, in 2020, the earth has raised a wake-up call. The health crisis of Covid-19 is yet another sign that nature is calling us for help. Today, many young people suffer from eco-anxiety, a fear of the future that demotivates them to involve themselves in new projects.

These disasters are not to be perceived from a fatalistic point of view. We must not fall into pessimism or “collapsology”. On the contrary, this signal has warned us of the need to change our current consumption habits, harmful to the environment and has proven to us that these efforts can quickly materialize! On Saturday, August 22, 2020, humanity consumed all the resources that ecosystems can produce in one year. For the first time, this date has decreased by 3 weeks thanks to containment. Indeed in 2019, the passing day was July 29. As the new year dawns, it is time to focus our consumption on ethical products and change our mindset through benevolent thoughts to reach a new level of harmony with our planet in this year 2021.

2021 is a year of optimism and hope. The citizens’ movement Less Saves the Planet argues that in terms of the environment, anything is still possible.

This video will tell you the best of the news in 2020 so that the memory left behind by this year is that of a new walk towards the environment. Through this online magazine and our book, we provide advice and information in order to succeed in reversing the trend of global warming and pollution. We offer solutions and practices that have a significant impact on your well-being and that of other living beings with whom we share the blue planet. The advice given in our manifesto is within everyone’s reach in order to bring about a change in society that originates among citizens who are ready to act in conscience. By following them, you can significantly reduce your greenhouse gas emissions, which are largely responsible for global warming. Concrete figures on the savings in CO2, water or waste are available in the book Less Saves The Planet to encourage and bring concrete to those who fight for our environment.

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