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Less Saves the Planet promotes a shift in consumer habits towards ethical and eco-responsible practices. For this, it is relevant to change our relationship with food. The concept of Low and Slow, introduced in chapter7 of the book Less Saves the Planet, emphasizes a particular attention to it. “Low” refers to the low frequency on which our thoughts will be set. The term slow encourages us to slow down our lifestyle during meals and avoid multiplying tasks.

Apply the Low and Slow method

To implement this concept, here are four-step tips:

  • Eliminate outdoor distractions.

Your phone, television… Separate yourself from these tools during the time of the Low and Slow.

  • Look at your plate.

Put your senses to the test to assess the quality and quantity of your food. You will pass this information on to your brain in order to achieve satiety.

  • Enjoy slowly and focus on your meal.

To do this, close your eyes. Take breaks between bites. Focus on each bite, swallow and then breathe.

  • Share your feelings of the present moment with the people surrounding you.

Emotions bring us closer together. Share the ones you’re feeling about this dish.

The discovery of extreme focus

During a Low and Slow meal, we recommend applying the practice of extreme focus.   Our daily flow of thoughts is very important: from waking up to bedtime, 90,000 to 130,000 thoughts overwhelm us. By eliminating outdoor distractions, you will focus on your meal and practice extreme focus.

The benefits of Low and Slow

 Low and Slow has many benefits for the body and the environment. By paying attention to food and focusing on your feelings, you’ll find it better. By taking the time to enjoy the food, you will learn to appreciate it better. Your digestion will be improved and you will feel lighter by eating slowly, therefore less.

More generally, the practice of Low and Slow is beneficial to our state of mind. By practicing extreme focus, the level of stress and anxiety is reduced. We are more serene, and have the opportunity to fully appreciate the present moment. Our level of satisfaction at the moment is increased, our positive feelings towards those sharing this moment with us grow. We are convinced that sharing food brings out our natural benevolence. By paying attention to our food, we are able to show our compassion and gratitude for those who have grown and produced these foods.

 Our movement and our book are not only part of an eco-responsible approach, but above all have a humanist will. Indeed, we are convinced that it is necessary to convey values of respect and benevolence towards one’s neighbour in order to participate in the preservation of the planet. The Low and Slow follows this logic: this concept implies the abandonment of a desire to dominate or impose one’s convictions by force. With a return to appreciation of the simple elements of life, such as a healthy diet,  we  take a first step towards changing our consumption habits.







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