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Chef Jean-François Vasseur: Beetroot in different textures!

Chef Jean-François Vasseur: Beetroot in different textures!

Chef Jean-François Vasseur has been cooking for 25 years. Holding several diplomas in catering, hotel management and management from 1997 to 2013, Chef Jean-François has many strings to his bow in terms of cooking. A remarkable career, the Chef has climbed the ladder over the years!

Chef Jean-François


He began his adventure as a commis de cuisine in the famous Château s’Isembourg, which had a Michelin star and where he became First Chef de Partie two years later. The journey continues! He became Second Chef in gastronomic and starred restaurants such as A l’Huitrière or the Domaine de Clairefontaine!

Experienced, from 2009 he grows as Sous-Chef Executive of the Barrière Resort but also of the hotel and restaurant Le Stelsia Resort and Le Grand Hôtel du Lac located in Switzerland. With a toolbox to lead and train his own team, he is Executive Chef since March 2019 of the great hotel and restaurant Le Jiva Hill Resort! He is training a new team of 30 people in a real team spirit and cohesion of the whole collaboration. Impressive, Chef Jean-François never ceases to surprise us!

Chef Jean-François



  • Red beetroot 4 pieces
  • Yellow beetroot 1 piece
  • Chioggia beetroot 1 piece

For the gel

  • Beetroot juice 0.025 kilo
  • White balsamic 0.01 kilo
  • Agar 0.0005 kilo

For the meringue

  • Egg white 0.02 kilo
  • Honey 0.003 kg
  • Beetroot juice 0.04 kilo
  • Salt 0.0005 kilo
  • Espelette 1 pinch

For the chips

  • Tapioca 0.01 kilo
  • Beetroot juice 0.05 kilo
  • Water 0.015 kilo

For the chutney

  • Beetroot 0.07 kilo
  • Honey 0.015 kilo
  • Shallots 0.01 kilo
  • Cider vinegar 0.05 kilo
  • Ginger 0.001 kilo

For the sorbet

  • Beetroot juice 0.1 kilo
  • Black balsamic 1 dash
  • Sugar 0.01 kilo

For the marshmallow

  • Beetroot juice 0.02
  • Gelatine 1 sheet
  • Sugar 0.02 kilo
  • Water 0.04 kilo
Chef Jean-François

How to make the recipe

  • Wash and cook the beetroot in a dry oven over coarse salt at 160°C for 3 hours.
  • Then let them cool. Once cold, cut them into slices 2 cm thick and cut them with a cookie cutter. Count 4 pieces of each per person.
  • For the chutney, cut the beetroot into brunoise. Finely chop the shallot. Heat the honey in a saucepan, add the shallots, ginger and beetroot and deglaze with vinegar. Cover and cook for 20 minutes over a low heat.
  • Mix the rest of the beetroot
  • For the tapioca chips, bring water and beetroot juice to the boil. Then add the tapioca, cover the pan and remove from the heat. Once the tapioca balls have become translucent, spread the mixture between two sheets of baking paper. Put it in the oven to dry for 3 hours at 90 degrees.

For the gel

  • Mix all the ingredients cold and bring to the boil. Remove and place in the refrigerator. Once cooled, blend and strain to obtain a smooth gel.

For the marshmallow

  • Make a syrup with the water and sugar. Add the gelatine sheet, which has been previously softened in cold water, to this preparation. Add the beetroot juice and mix the mixture. Put the mixture in the mixer and mix gently until it becomes frothy. Spread the mixture in a frame and put it in the fridge.

For the sorbet

  • Mix all the ingredients, put in a paco jet bowl and freeze it.

For the dressing

  • Dress harmoniously, enjoy and treat yourself!

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