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How to choose leeks with Gaël Orieux

How to choose leeks with Gaël Orieux

Leeks are part of the garlic and onion family and have been used in the kitchen for thousands of years. They add delicious flavor to potato soup, casseroles, omelets and many other savory dishes. And it is totally approved by Less Saves The Planet because you can eat from the stems to the dark green leaves.

For integrating leek into your diet, the sustainable and starred chef Gaël Orieux of the Parisian restaurant Auguste assists you into choosing and storing.

How to choose and store

The most important thing to look for in selecting leeks is that they have a nice, large white and light green section. They should have a generally fresh appearance and be firm to the touch. Look for leeks that still have some roots at the bottom as well. And do not buy leeks that have yellow-ish leaves or leaves of the dark green part that are dried out.

Leeks can be stored in the vegetable crisper drawer of your fridge. They are best used up within a week, but will last up to two or three weeks if also kept in a plastic bag. You can easily freeze them for later use. You do not have to blanch leeks. Once cleaned, be sure they are nice and dry before freezing.


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