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Thierry Minguez, an eco-friendly collaboration at Café du Marché

Thierry Minguez, an eco-friendly collaboration at Café du Marché

Born in Sète, Thierry Minguez incorporates love and passion in his cuisine. After his many successes in French Southern restaurants, he spreads joy for 25 years in Switzerland. He had worked for 8 years at Le Café des Négociants in Geneva to finally step a foot at Carouge. The chef has been serving for 12 years the loyal clients of the grand Café du Marché.

Here for the good taste

Cook and eat better, save the planet: what a nice program for Café du Marché whose solution is in the plate! By putting forward top-quality products with low environmental impact, the establishment management believes in eco-friendly chefs that agree with this philosophy.


In the kitchen of the famous Café du Marché at Carouge, creativity comes out of collaboration with common goals!


We first have Thierry Minguez and his spontaneous cuisine inspired by Provence and Meditarranean. Then, it is Jérôme Gonigam – chef Minguez’s assistant – that mix simplicity and creativity. Both care about their products’ origin and freshness. Together they offer a gourmet menu rich in taste and culinary emotions.

Jérôme Gonigam’s recipe

Under chef Minguez’s order, Jérôme Gonigam has prepared this 100% approved recipe by Less Saves The Planet.

The GRTA red beetroot cooked in coarse salt creates a connection with seafood that brings innumerable virtues in different fields. The Pak-Choï is an original and local product, the Feigères goat enhances the cheese-making know-how of the region and finally the honey from Stéphanie’s beehives is essential to our ecosystem.

They have the pleasure to share this excellent recipe of beetroot cooked in salt, pak-choï and fresh goat’s cheese with Stéphanie’s honey.

Ingredients for 4

  • 4 same size beetroots
  • 3 Geneva pak-choï
  • 1 Feigères goat cheese (100gr)
  • 100gr Stephanie’s honey
  • 2kg coarse salt
  • 10cl balsamic vinegar
  • 60gr colza oil
  • 20gr flour
  • Salt and white pepper


Step 1 – Beetroot

  1. Put the beetroot, completely covered with coarse salt, in the oven at 200° for about 1 hour.
  2. While the beets are cooking, separate the green/white from the Pak-Choï.
  3. Cook the green leaves in boiling salted water and then blend them while hot, adding a little cooking water to obtain a smooth, green coulis, adjust the seasoning and cool.
  4. Cut the white of the Pak-Choï into fine brunoise and candy them over a low heat with 50gr of honey.
  5. Once the brunoise is cooked, stir in the fresh goat cheese and cool.
  6. Once the beetroot has cooled, cut off the two ends, remove the skins and put them in the oven at 70° until they are completely dry, then blend to obtain a powder.
  7. Hollow out the cooked beetroot with a melon baller.
  8. With the beetroot trimmings, make a coulis with honey and balsamic vinegar and remove with a pipette.

Step 2 – Crackers

  1. Mix 160gr water, 60gr rapeseed oil and 20gr flour.
  2. Cook the crackers in a very hot pan.

Step 3 – Presentation 

  1. Stuff the hollowed-out beets with the goat cheese mixture.
  2. Place the green coulis at the bottom of the plate and the stuffed beetroot in the centre.
  3. Place the thin cracker on top and sprinkle the powdered skins on top.
  4. Finish with a few dabs of the coulis and enjoy!

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