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When we hear the word “baguette”, we immediately think of France! It is probably the most well-known French term in the world. In France, 320 baguettes are sold in a second. Our friends from western Europe can’t imagine a meal without this inseparable companion at any time of the day.

We sometimes have fresh bread left at the end of the day. Usually, we throw it away the next day in a garbage can.

So how do we avoid this waste? How do we extend baguette’s shelf life? How to reuse hard bread?

We’ll give you all the answers in the following chapters…

How do I keep the bread fresh?

Fresh bread can be stored whole, packaged in a paper bag or in a cloth at room temperature. If you choose to place it in an airtight bread box, consider adding a fruit apple or a potato sliced in half to prevent it from drying out.  Don’t slice it: it will reduce its shelf life!

It can be placed in the coldest part of the refrigerator or freezer to further extend its shelf life.

Softening hard bread

When bread hardens, it can be softened with water vapour, both in the oven and in the microwave.

You can spray or trickle water on your hard bread and place it in the oven for a few minutes. It will be softened and you can eat it as if it were fresh!

In the microwave, you can pack the bread with moistened paper towels and reheat it for a few seconds.

If you opt for one of these techniques to soften your bread, keep in mind that their effects only last a few hours. It is best to eat your bread as soon as you’ve softened it!

Recycling stale bread

Don’t throw away your stale bread! From French toast to pudding, hard bread finds its place in a wide variety of recipes we all know.

It is also possible to turn your hard bread into breadcrumbs with a blender, after crushing it. You can then use it to fry food or add crunch to your dishes. Breadcrumbs may also be used as a base for preparations, such as stale bread cookies.

Another easy way to use your stale bread is to turn it into croutons that will go with your soups or your salads. To do this, simply cut the bread into small cubes. Then, put the cubes in the oven for about 15 minutes and it’s ready! The croutons can be stored in a jar for several weeks.

Another option would be to simply slice the hard bread and put it in the oven? So you’ll have delicious toast to spread.

Reducing food waste is a major challenge. It is up to all of us to actively participate now. Annually, food waste has a significant economic and ecological impact. Better control of waste and reuse of our remains will undeniably help preserve our planet!

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