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Nori algae: Chef Orieux’s touch

Nori algae: Chef Orieux’s touch

Nori originally is the Japanese term for edible seaweed, but now known to the whole world as the dried sheet of processed edible red algae – a marine plant that grows on the rock in the shallow cold-water sea.

His worldwide use in maki sushi makes it no exception for the Chef Gaël Orieux who has come up with a great tip for unique sushi!

How to choose and store

The best nori sheet would be jet black with a shiny sheen, uniform thickness across the surface, and virtually no hole.

And remember, though nori shelf life is pretty long, the fresher it is the better the taste. Even the best nori will be degrading through time if left out too long or absorbing moisture. Re-roasting is a way to make these nori sheets crisp again. Still, seal leftover/unused sheets in tight zip-lock or airtight container with a desiccant bag for preservation.


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