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Miracle morning: the art of well-being

Miracle morning: the art of well-being

Do you want to take control of your life and detach yourself from daily stress? Hal Elrod, an American author, offers you his wellness method, in his book Miracle morning released in 2012! The miracle morning is a method of personal development, recommending to get up early, in order to start the day by taking care of yourself. And of course, all this must be done in calm and serenity. The result is a richer and more fulfilling life, just for you!

“Success is the prerogative of those who get up early.”

By fixing this sentence in your head, like a leitmotiv, it is already taking a step towards your goals. Indeed, in general, the miracle morning allows you to lengthen your days, you have more time for you, to refocus, to reduce your stress level. A method that gets you out of your “metro, work, sleep“. And it starts with getting up two hours earlier, according to Hal Elrod.

miracle morning

The Miracle morning method takes 30 days to change your habits and to have an effect. The American speaker gives 6 modules, called SAVERS, to achieve this:

S is for silence: For 5 to 10 minutes when you wake up, give yourself some peace and quiet with a short meditation, yoga or breathing session

A is for affirmation: It is important to repeat positive affirmations to yourself to boost your self-confidence, depending on your goals, 5 minutes are enough.

V is for visualization (5 minutes): You must then visualize your goals, the same as the previous exercise, the approach is positive and push you to achieve them.

E is for physical exercise: For 20 minutes, whether it is cycling, jogging, walking or other… It is up to you to find the physical activity that suits you best.

R for reading: Reading is important. It changes your mind, so it’s good to take ten minutes or so to immerse yourself in your best book.

S is for scribing: Same as reading, keeping a journal or just writing your thoughts on a blank sheet of paper will do you good.

miracle morning

To each his own rhythm

The point here is not to impose a guide of “good conduct” and to be in restriction, otherwise it will not work. You have to find your own routine, the “everyday effect“, which will give you the necessary motivation.

You can do it in the evening or in the middle of the day, if getting up even earlier is impossible for you. If you are more of a night owl and a late riser, you can also move your routine to the evening, you should not disturb your biological clock. Getting up earlier is of course more advisable, because the positive effects are more effective on your brain as soon as you wake up, than when it has already gathered so much information during the day.

And to get up on the right foot, it is better to do it gently. So you can start by getting up a few minutes earlier and gradually you will get up an hour earlier.

But as everyone is different, you just have to find your rhythm through 3 phases given by Hal Elrod:

Day 1 to 10: This is the so-called “unbearable” phase, the one where after the first day of enthusiasm, you have to continue. And like any change in your daily life, you won’t see the beneficial effects in the first hour.

Day 11 to 20: The “unpleasant” phase. The habit starts to return but the temptation to give up is still there… However, the results start to appear so don’t give up!

Day 21 to 30: The “irresistible” phase. You’ve done it, the miracle morning is part of your daily life and you’ve developed your own routine, congratulations!

miracle morning

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