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How to reduce you water consumption?

How to reduce you water consumption?

We often think water is not an inexhaustible resource. Wrong. In fact, The United Nations sustainable development goals put it at the 6th place. 

We live on the Blue Planet. It is mainly composed of salt water which makes it unconsumable for men. On Earth, only 2.8% is fresh water and less than 1% is liquid – drinkable by men.

In France, we consume around 146 litres per person and per day (Service Public d’Information sur l’Eau – 2020). Our water footprint is also high above the average around the world.

Regarding future environmental challenges, each of us can make a change. Here are a few tips to help you reduce your daily water consumption.

  • Get all needed materials

Tap flow revolves around 12 to 15 litres per minute. If you install flow regulators, you could reduce your flow by a third or half depending on the machine brand. Their innovative technology makes it not noticeable.

If by any chance you need a new sink, try to select the water tap with pedal indicated by the Chef Jean-Louis Nomicos in his eco-friendly habits. These foot or knee pedal taps prevent from losing water. To conserve litres and litres of water – when you are cleaning your hands, face or dishes – you must turn off your tap! Choose these taps and you will no longer face this issue.

In any case, be careful not to let the water run when you are not using it.

  • Check for leaks

Leaks are the first cause of fresh water loss. Try to be careful! At night before going to bed, go and check the number on your water meter. Next morning before running water, check again. If there is any change, there is a water leak. Sometimes, you only need to replace a seal.

  • Adopt good gestures in your kitchen

When you are cooking, reuse that water you cooked your pasta with for example and water your plants or wash your car.

When you are washing your fruit and vegetable, turn off your tap! And instead, swish them in a 1.5 litres of bicarbonate water for 15 minutes. In addition to avoiding water loss, this will allow for a thorough washing.

  • Organize your laundry

In addition to consuming a lot of electricity, the washing machine also uses a lot of water! To avoid wastage, make sure you fill the machine before starting a wash. If you only have a small item to wash, why not wash it quickly by hand and then dry it overnight?

By following Less Saves The Planet tips, you can not only reduce your water consumption but also your bill. It’s good for the planet and good for your wallet!

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