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All the way from the Rhône region in France, 16-year-old Ruben Longin came up with a revolutionary and cooperative concept – creating an app to report, track and pick up any type of waste on the loose. With his non-profit app Ruben has chosen to finally act for the environment. And it works! – the app has been downloaded 15.000 times in more than 30 countries.

What attracts: is its very user-friendly interface that looks exactly like a new-hyped social network. It revolves around 3 items. First, you can check in the “I clean up” section for every located spots around you. Users can also make a difference by reporting photos of soiled places around France. If you want to get involved, you can even join clean up marches! To guide you, a city map is also available in the GreenR app. Places that need to be cleaned up will appear in blue whereas those already cleaned will highlighted in green.

The company is extremely active on social media. So don’t forget to check their Instagram account for daily content on green innovation. 

A good news during this time

Its success is no surprise regarding the sanitary crisis. Waste sorting has always been important, but now people are realizing how pollution is threatening to the environment. Out in nature, garbage decompose itself which then release toxic substances such as methane.

GreenR is here to facilitate local action in fighting global warming, as Less Saves The Planet advocates.

Despite skeptical minds, picking up and sorting waste is actually very helpful. It prevents visual and olfactory pollution.

Did you know that most of the garbage on the loose are recyclable? Many types of glass and plastic containers are recyclable into new products. Due to mixed waste, it is true that the recycling process is not always easy. Clean up marches are here to help you. Picking up garbage contributes to reducing carbon emissions which in a way, constrains global warming consequences. As a bonus, less pollution welcomes people to cleaner public area for everyone’s happiness. And without waste damaging the environment, soils and natural resources are then preserved.

Benefits to clean up marches

Marches for the environment are as good for the planet as for us. They establish local communities who invest in reducing pollution. During these hard times, we are able to unite to achieve common goals. No matter how old you are, we are all in this together! The future is in our hand. 

Younger generations must unite for a green future. In a good spirit, marches encourage new meetings. Plus, at the end it gives you this feeling of satisfaction. With GreenR, you can organize your own march along with friends or other users. Your doing will set an example to the rest of the population. If you get lucky, some will even ask you questions concerning sorting issues and you will be the person to follow.

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