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5 grandmother’s remedies to treat yourself naturally

5 grandmother’s remedies to treat yourself naturally

Which grandmother’s remedies? We’ve shown you this before, but it’s worth remembering that nature provides everything you need on a daily basis! So there’s no need to rush to the doctor for the slightest ailment, because most of them can be cured with simple grandmother remedies. And for that, your kitchen contains everything you need!

We often forget that our cupboards are full of 100% natural and effective ingredients for dealing with everyday ailments. Colds, fatigue, headaches and many others do not require the systematic use of medication, but can simply be treated. Let’s discover together the grandmother’s remedies to not only relieve your pains but to soothe you.

grandmother's remedies

The first grandmother’s remedies we suggest

Clay for insect bites

Summer is in full swing, and so are mosquito bites! But don’t panic, we’ve found the perfect solution… clay!
Just like aloe vera, green clay is a safe bet. Simply use green clay already made into a paste, or make one from clay powder. Then add one or two drops of lavender essential oil to your mixture and apply it to your insect bite. Allow to dry and rinse gently. You can repeat this procedure as soon as the itch returns, without any risk.

Aloe vera for its many properties

Aloe vera is a plant known for its antibiotic and analgesic properties. Used to treat many common ailments, it is less well known for its action against mouth ulcers. And yet, using it as a mouthwash, after diluting its pulp in a little water, will be a great comfort if you have a mouth ulcer for example!

Aloe vera will not make it disappear with a wave of a magic wand, it serves here to attenuate the pain that it causes. It will disappear like all canker sores after 9 days without even seeing them.

grandmother's remedies

Natural antidotes to relieve your pain: grandmother’s remedies to relieve you

Honey for burns

You already know the soothing virtues of honey for the throat in winter, but did you know that it is also effective for skin burns?
Indeed, its soothing action against skin burns is less known, but just as effective.
To use it on small surfaces and on a light burn, simply apply it as a mask and leave it on for about fifteen minutes. You can repeat this operation, as often as you like, if your wound hurts again.

Natural antidotes to relieve your pain: grandmother’s remedies to relieve you.

Ice for a headache

It is not uncommon to have a temporary headache for various reasons, and we are not immune to a heat stroke in the middle of summer. Of course, you have to protect yourself as much as possible, but when it’s too late, ice can help!
No, we’re not talking about taking an ice cream to cool down but as a remedy for your headaches! While some people get them, most people get them in the form of “cryotherapy”.
All you have to do is apply an ice pack to the area of your head that is causing you pain. Leave it on, and your pain will evaporate.

Chamomile for aches and pains

Sport or virus, you certainly dread the onset of aches and pains, and there are several tips to help. You can drink a beer, eat an orange, massage with lavender oil…
And you can also use chamomile!
Known for its soothing effect, it can be drunk as a tea before going to sleep. This relaxing virtue will have exactly the same effect on all your muscles.

You may be familiar with some of these tips. These grandmotherly remedies are timeless and are essential for the youngest to the oldest. Let’s protect our loved ones.

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