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EcoTree: plant a tree to stay connected to nature !

EcoTree: plant a tree to stay connected to nature !

To citizen trees! The start-up Ecotree has set up an innovative project that is good for the planet. A responsible investment for a sustainable solution. This inspiring project was founded in 2016 by 4 friends: Erwan, Théo, Vianney and Baudouin. This start-up, which deals with forest management, offers you the opportunity to invest in the preservation of biodiversity. Don’t wait any longer, plant your tree to save our forests and our planet !


Back to the roots of EcoTree

This beautiful story begins in 2014 during a trip to Copenhagen between 4 friends: Erwan, Théo, Vianney and Baudouin. During their stay, one thing struck them: the cleanliness of the city, on the ground, 0 bottles. In fact, the inhabitants put them in a machine in the supermarkets in exchange for a payment in return. Instead of punishing environmentally unfriendly behaviour, the city rewards positive action.

This led to their ingenious concept of taking back damaged forests and restoring them to sustainable management. All this with the help of financial investment from individuals or companies who have become owners. When these trees are old enough to be cut down, the profits from the cut are returned in full to those who financed the planting.

The benefits are both environmental and financial, good for the planet and your wallet!

Ecotree’s environmental objectives

Forests are an invaluable part of our heritage. Forests are the heroes that keep our planet healthy. Here are EcoTree’s environmental objectives in 4 points:

– Protect the green lungs of our planet

Forests are considered the world’s second largest carbon sink after the oceans. Indeed, our forests capture and store carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Planted areas are also essential for the production of oxygen and the regulation of the climate. For this reason, Ecotree, with the help of its clients, is committed to the preservation and protection of forests

– Reducing deforestation.

80% of the world’s primary forests are destroyed. Deforestation is a scourge, and reducing deforestation is crucial for the preservation of biodiversity and to limit the negative effects of climate change. In order to fight against this sad fact, at EcoTree, for each tree removed, the company plants 3.

– Protecting forest wildlife

On Earth, forests are the habitat of 80% of the animal species. For EcoTree, it is important to protect the natural habitats of forest animals in order to guarantee the conservation of biodiversity. The start-up allows you to participate in the protection of these species that remain in our forests.

– Wood, a sustainable and ecological material

The forest is a vital ecosystem for our planet and a renewable source of wood. Ecotree ensures that the production of wood is environmentally friendly. Indeed, the company avoids clear-cutting and the use of pesticides, as this leads to a brutal disturbance of the forest ecosystem.


EcoTree: How does it work?

Pines, oaks and other Douglas firs can be purchased online on the “Ecotree.green” website, after which you become the owner immediately. Becoming the official owner of your tree allows you to follow its progress directly from your personal space. Even better, you can go to the site with the help of GPS coordinates transmitted on the site.

Then, EcoTree launches a call for tenders to find the best wood exploitation contract. Once found, your tree will eventually be harvested to produce sustainable wood. You will receive 100% of the profits from the logging! All things come to those who wait!

EcoTree is convinced that owning trees encourages more people to take care of nature. The notion of ownership is then used to help nature. This start-up perfectly combines financial and ecological benefits. EcoTree shows that everyone can contribute to the protection of our planet for future generations. Don’t waste time, for the planet, for our forests, for our national and natural parks: free yourself from your oaks and plant your tree!

You can find your happiness on their website: https://ecotree.green/

For more information: linktr.ee/ecotree


You can find your happiness on their website: https://alpreleaf.com/fr

For more information: linktr.ee/alpreleaf

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