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Sesam cream: Chef Bouchenoire’s touch

Sesam cream: Chef Bouchenoire’s touch

Some flavours are so unique that you automatically recognize where it is from. Italians are known for basil, Caprese salad and pesto which are very familiar. In the Middle-East, you have sesame paste or tahini.

For decades it is made in the Mediterranean, Middle-Eastern and North-African regions. In many Middle-Eastern cultures, it is used like salt and pepper. This condiment lays on every table.

How to choose and store it?

Sesame cream is a thick past made from ground sesame seeds. These seeds are rich in oil which weighs around half of its total weight.

There are two types of seed: hulled and unhulled. Hulled seed has the outer hull removed for a lighter and creamier paste. Unhulled tahini has whole sesame seeds and a bitter flavour. The paste can be raw or roasted. Raw paste is lighter in colour and taste than roasted paste.

Homemade sesame cream must be stored in the refrigerator for a week. You will have to check the expiry date on the already made cream you have bought at the supermarket. That said, your cream will usually be good for four to six days after the date on the label and even after you break the seal. Use your senses – sight, smell, taste – to make sure it is still fresh enough to eat.


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