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Choose your beet well with Éric Briffard

Choose your beet well with Éric Briffard

Eric Briffard highlights beet in today’s issue as an ambassador of Less Saves The Planet and Aquachefs, CHEFS SAVE WATER.

In Eastern Europe, where it comes from, beetroot is part of traditional cuisine. It is used in Bortsch (soups) or in salads. Beet is also popular in France, both for its vegetable variety and its sugar variety. Coming from the Chénopodes family, this plant is actually a variety of swiss chard. The part we eat is actually the root of the beet.

Choose it well and keep it

When choosing your vegetable, pay attention to its appearance. If you buy it raw, your beet must be firm and its peel shouldn’t be very dry. When buying vacuum-packed cooked beets, prefer those with a smooth skin and no bruises of a beautiful dark red color. In both cases, beware of those that are too large: their texture is usually more fibrous.
Cooked beet may be frozen and kept for up to 6 months. Raw beet may be kept one to two weeks in the refrigerator’s vegetable tray if you put it in a paper bag.

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By consuming it in season and via short circuits, you will limit its impact on the planet even more. Moreover, to avoid waste, you can even cook its leaves! Their cooking is similar to that of spinach leaves.

Enjoy following the principles of Less Saves The Planet!

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