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Benefits of reconnecting with Nature

Benefits of reconnecting with Nature

These last few years, Mother Nature has been in the heart of everyone’s attention. We deeply feel the need to reconnect with her and boost our inner well-being. But, from one person to another the feeling can differ. 

Reconnecting to Nature aids with stress and improves our immune system. Our mind can instantly be at peace whenever you go to a quiet place, or you can even find time to reconnect with your inner you. You will focus more on your emotions which can only have a positive impact on the psyche. Some therapies like ecotherapy is the practice of being in nature to fight stress or depression.

How can you reconnect with Nature?

You only need to walk in the forest or in green area to get the right benefits to your well-being. Instead of meeting friends in a café or a restaurant, you really should go for a picnic in the forest or in the park.

If you do not have time, try to focus on a tree or plant from your backyard or nearest park and disconnect from everyday problems. Just take a few moments and breathe in inner well-being and relief. Did you know that is the reason why some antistress meditations use sounds from nature as relaxation?

Make sure you get the calm you deserve so stay away from your devices and social media and enjoy nature around you. Be visually and sensorially captivated by your surroundings. If you arouse each of your senses at a time, you will quickly be reconnected to Mother Nature. It will allow you to examine how you feel and maybe make you feel great.

Why should you connect with Nature?

Sitting by a river affects positively your mind and psyche. The water sound can calm your nerves and easily lead you to sleep.

For those who are lucky enough to live close to the sea, you are able to spend nice and relaxing moments by facing the sea and listening to the waves’ beautiful symphony. According to a Canadian study directed by Rachel Buxton – biologist at Carleton University – nature sounds can improve your overall health. They have a positive impact on mood, stress, intellectual performances and also pain sensitivity.

Searchers have shown that the sounds affecting mental health are water and birdsong. They contribute to a reduction of 28% of level of stress and overall health improvement of 184%.

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