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Mandarin skin to the rescue!

Mandarin skin to the rescue!

Juicy and full of vitamins, mandarin is the most favorite winter fruit. Most people love its sweet and tasty flesh, but only a few knows that mandarin skin is very beneficial. The Canadian company – Tait Labs – takes advantage of the medicinal virtues of mandarin skin for healthy and environmental purpose. It combines human health and environment.

The creation of Tait Labs

Tait Labs was founded in 2011 by chemistry expert – Andrew Tait. During his PhD, he found out more about Traditional Chinese Medicine Techniques that could cure specific disease. Dr. Tait was actually the first to choose this topic for his degree. Now through his company he desires to modernize these ancient techniques into nowadays food industry. From an extract of mandarin skins that have been upcycled from crop leftovers of the juicing and canning industry, Tait Labs conceives and sells digestive food supplement. The juicing and canning industry throws away 4.000.000 mandarin skins per year!

Mandrimax® Prebiotic or Mandarin Skin + is a patent-pending mandarin skin extract available as a flowable powder and clean ingredient for incorporating into dietary supplements, food and beverages. These food supplements are extremely concentrated and strong. It uses ancestral benefits of mandarin skin! They are made from a sustainable and clean technology. It imitates the drying process operated in traditional techniques that have inspired Tait Labs’ founder.

Mandarin Skin benefits

Between Occident and China, mandarin skin is exclusively a favorite in Asia where it comes from. In traditional medicine, mandarin skin is also called chenpi. It is known for regulating energy’s natural flow called qi. Plus, it aids digestive issues.

Studies have proved that mandarin skin contains many antioxidants thanks to flavonoids it has. Flavonoids and vitamin C improve the immune system and reduce blood pressure.

Tait Labs food supplements are sold for their digestive, calming and anti-inflammatory properties.

A sustainable company


Upcycling mandarin skin gives Tait Labs the opportunity to reduce food waste as suggested by Less Saves The Planet Chapter 6. Waste is the one that does not exist! The concept of upcycling changes Tait Labs into a company able to revolutionize the food industry.

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