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How to choose celery with Nicolas Masse

How to choose celery with Nicolas Masse

Nicolas Masse, Chef Ambassador for Less Saves The Planet, is actively involved in the fight against global warming. In this context, he has taken an interest in celery, a vegetable with benefits for the body and the planet.

Old medicinal plant, it is now used in the kitchen. Its ancestor is a medicinal and decorative plant from the Mediterranean called ache or apion. Originally from the Italian peninsula, the Greeks used it every day from ancient times to cure themselves and then to eat!

The full season for celery sticks is quite long, so you can enjoy this delicious vegetable all year round. Discover all this today with our Chef Nicolas Masse.

Choosing and storing it well

When choosing celery, look for a few reliable signs of freshness. First of all, its green colour should be obvious, from its stalk to its leaves. Make sure there are no streaks or yellow leaves that could affect the life of the vegetable.

The quality of the branches is equally important. Freshness is characterised by crisp branches. If you break one off you will see a beaded drop at the point where it was cut.

Celery sticks do not keep very long after purchase. Ideally, they should be stored in the crisper of your refrigerator. To prevent them from spoiling too quickly, you can also wrap the stalks in a clean cloth. This way, you can store them for up to 5 days. If you plan to eat it raw in a salad or as an aperitif, we recommend that you eat it within 2 days of purchase. It will then be intact in terms of its texture and flavour.

Be careful, celery is a waterlogged vegetable so we do not recommend freezing it.

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